How to Dress Like Dexter’s Mom

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Mint Green Button Down Shirt
Orange Wig
Green Jeggings
Gold Ball Stud Earring
Red Lipstick
Yellow Kitchen Gloves
White Apron
Green Heels

Best Dexter's Mom Costume Guide

No one could resist watching Dexter’s Laboratory, and even though he made it an effort to spite his sister at all times, there was another character who played a very important role in the show- Dexter’s mom. His mom is the clean freak we all know and love, but she has a feisty side whenever things don’t go her way. Sounds like every mother we know, right?

Get the look of Dexter’s mom with a Mint Green Button Down Shirt, and Orange Wig, Green Jeggings, Gold Ball Stud Earrings, Red Lipstick, Yellow Kitchen Gloves, a White Apron, and Green Heels. This woman loves the color green and everything to be clean!

Dexter's Mom Cosplay Costumes

When everyone else is dressed as the main characters from television and novels, why not throw everyone off with a surprise and dress as a secondary character like Dexter’s mom from Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network? So glad you thought of it because we have all of the essentials to help you recreate Dexter’s mom’s look with just a few pieces!

Let’s start with a mint green, short sleeve, button up shirt and dark green jeggings. Dexter’s mom loves to wear green, so don’t forget a pair of green heels! Throw on a white apron, and yellow rubber gloves because we all know you’re now a clean freak! Put in some gold ball stud earrings, and top it all off with an orange wig and red lipstick. You are now the house wife of Cartoon Network! We want to see a picture of your costume once you have it all put together, and you can check out the other recreations of Dexter’s mom’s costume in the gallery on this page.

Dexter's Mom Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical and colorful world of “Dexter’s Laboratory” with our costume guide for Dexter’s Mom, the cheerful and caring matriarch of Dexter’s family. Known for her distinctive style and exaggerated hourglass figure, Dexter’s Mom is a fun and recognizable character to portray. This guide is designed to help you capture her classic cartoon look, perfect for animation-themed events, cosplay, or just for a nostalgic tribute.

Dexter’s Mom's outfit is simple yet iconic. It consists of a bright red, long-sleeved, turtleneck sweater and a pair of tight, white, hip-hugging capri pants. She also wears yellow gloves that extend to her mid-forearm, a common feature when she’s doing household chores. Her look is completed with a pair of orange high heels.

Dexter’s Mom has a distinct hairstyle – short, ginger hair styled in a flipped bob cut. The hair curls outward at the ends, creating a bouncy and lively look. If your hair isn't similar, a short, ginger-colored wig styled in a bob will work perfectly.

Dexter’s Mom has a cartoonish appearance with emphasized features. Go for a bright, cheerful makeup look. Use vibrant red lipstick, accentuate your eyelashes with mascara or false lashes, and add a touch of pink blush to the cheeks. Keep the eye makeup simple but defined.

To add authenticity to your Dexter’s Mom costume, consider carrying household props like a feather duster or a rolling pin. These items are often associated with her character in the show. The yellow gloves are also a signature accessory and should be included to complete the look.

Dexter’s Mom doesn’t have specific catchphrases, but she is known for her nurturing and sometimes oblivious demeanor. You can use general motherly expressions like: "Dexter, what are you doing in your laboratory?," "It's time for dinner!," "Now, now, boys, play nice.," "Dexter, why is this room locked?" and "Oh, my little genius!." These phrases reflect her caring, motherly nature and her often comical unawareness of Dexter's extraordinary scientific endeavors, adding a fun and authentic touch to your portrayal.

About Dexter's Mom

Dexter’s mom, who we only know as Mom, is the typical house wife you would expect to see. She has some personality traits that are heightened more so than ordinary, like her phobia of germs and the need to constantly be wearing yellow rubber gloves. We all know someone who reminds us of Mom, which makes it that much more entertaining to watch!

Throughout the episodes, we learn that Dexter gets much of his personality from his mom. The resemblance of their perfectionist side and brains is too alike to miss! Dexter’s mother is usually laid back as long as things are nice and tidy, but if anything goes awry she can flip her switch in a split second! We’ve seen her crazier side and definitely want to make sure that we stay far from the wrath of her destruction! Dexter may be a genius, but you can’t outsmart your mother who is basically the same person as you are!

Dexter's Mom

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