How to Dress Like Dexter

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Best Dexter Costume Guide

Be like the boy genius and inventor, Dexter, who is the star character of Cartoon Network’s Dexter’s Laboratory. Dress up like Dexter to take a trip into the secret laboratory to avoid his sister, Dee Dee. Get the young scientist’s look without conducting any experiments! Suit up in a Men’s 90’s TV Host Kit Wig, Lab Coat, Dickies Men’s Flat Front Pants, Giorgio Brutini Men’s Boots, and Vintage “Buddy” Wayfarer Sunglasses. You can get just the right equipment to conduct Dexter’s experiments with Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves and a Primary Science Lab Set.

Dexter Cosplay Costumes

The show “Dexter’s Laboratory” was originally created for Cartoon Network and quickly became one of its most popular and highly acclaimed shows. The show’s main character, Dexter, is a favorite of many cosplayers who grew up watching him on Saturday morning cartoons. If you want to dress up like the boy genius, start with a white lab coat and some black pants. Don’t forget black-framed glasses and some lab gloves! Add a little extra fun to your costume with a science kit! Get your friends involved in your cosplay by having them dress as Dexter’s sister Dee Dee or his archnemesis Mandark.

Dexter Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the complex and calculated world of Dexter Morgan with our Dexter costume guide FAQ, inspired by the character from the TV show “Dexter.” Ideal for fans of the series, this guide will help you recreate Dexter’s unique style, which reflects his dual life as a forensic blood spatter analyst and a vigilante serial killer.

Dexter's outfit is typically understated yet specific. For his forensic analyst look, wear a light green or blue henley shirt paired with dark trousers or jeans. This casual yet professional attire reflects his day job. For his vigilante persona, Dexter often wears a long-sleeve, dark brown or green henley shirt, dark cargo pants, black gloves, and dark boots. A key accessory for this look is his black apron, used during his covert operations.

To replicate Dexter's forensic analyst appearance, choose a light-colored henley shirt, which is a staple in his wardrobe. Pair this with dark trousers or jeans and simple dark shoes. Dexter's hair is neatly styled, and he often has a light stubble. Keep your hairstyle simple and tidy.

For Dexter's vigilante outfit, wear dark, practical boots suitable for stealthy movement. Accessorize with black gloves and a black utility apron or belt to carry his "tools." Dexter's tools can be replicated using prop syringes, knives, or blood sample slides, but always prioritize safety and appropriateness in your choices.

To fully embody Dexter's character, focus on a calm, composed demeanor, often with a hint of underlying intensity. Dexter is meticulous and precise, so ensuring your costume is neat and well-arranged will enhance its authenticity.

To enhance your portrayal, include some of Dexter's memorable quotes: "Tonight's the night.," "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good.," "I don’t feel any guilt about the deserving. I do what I do because it’s necessary.," "I'm a very neat monster." and "Blood never lies." These quotes capture Dexter's internal conflict, his justification for his actions, and his methodical approach to his double life.

About Dexter

Dexter is a genius from a typical American family. He managed to hide a secret laboratory that can only be accessed by a bookshelf in his bedroom. Dexter would love nothing more than to work in his laboratory undisturbed, but it seems his sister Dee Dee is always around to annoy him. While Dexter is often exasperated with his sister, he does have some affection for her because he always comes to her rescue if she’s in danger. Dexter’s nemesis is another boy genius, Mandark, who often tries to steal Dexter’s plans and inventions. Check out our website for inspiration for your own Dexter costume, and don’t forget to upload your own photos to our gallery!


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