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Long Sleeve Henley Shirt
Vinyl Waterproof Apron
Military Army Cargo Pants
Fake Knife
Leather Gloves
Chukka Boots
Fake Blood

Best Dexter Morgan Costume Guide

Dexter Morgan is the main character and antihero from the Showtime television series, Dexter. Dexter is a forensic blood spatter analyst who moonlights as a serial killer that targets other killers instead of innocent people. He has a methodical way of killing people and because of that Dexter was able to avoid the justice system by getting rid of any evidence that would link him to the murder. Dexter dumped the evidence, including the body, into the stream that flowed into the Atlantic Ocean. Get the look of the forensic analyst turned serial killer with this Dexter Morgan costume guide.

While we don’t recommend going out and committing crimes, we do recommend cosplaying Dexter Morgan. To dress up like the Bay Harbor Butcher wear a Long Sleeve Henley Shirt, Vinyl Waterproof Apron, Military Army Cargo Pants, Chukka Boots, Leather Gloves, Fake Knife, and plenty of Fake Blood.

Dexter Morgan Cosplay Costumes

You’ll probably need quite a bit of fake blood to get the look of this serial killer. Finding the items that you need to dress up like Dexter Morgan shouldn’t be too difficult. What you’ll need to really cosplay this character well is to understand his personality and how he tends to act around others. His personality is unique as you may have guessed. His outfit is pretty typical and you should have similar clothes in your closet already. The keys to the costume are the supplies needed for his next victim including a vinyl apron, fake knife, and fake blood.

Grab a friend to dress as Dexter’s older brother Brian Moser, better know as the Ice Truck Killer, or any other character from the popular Showtime series to turn Dexter’s character into an awesome group costume! Send over a few photos of your Dexter Morgan costume to help others get inspired for their own Dexter costume!

Dexter Morgan Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of forensic science and psychological intrigue with our costume guide FAQ for Dexter Morgan, the enigmatic protagonist of “Dexter.” Known for leading a double life as a forensic blood spatter analyst and a vigilante serial killer, Dexter’s attire is a blend of professional lab attire and his distinct ‘hunting’ gear. This guide will address your questions about capturing Dexter’s unique style, perfect for fans who want to embody the complexity and intensity of this iconic character.

Dexter Morgan's costume can be divided into his day-to-day forensic analyst attire and his 'hunting' gear. For his professional look, essential elements include a light-colored, button-up lab coat, a dark polo shirt, slacks, and dress shoes. His 'hunting' gear, used during his nocturnal activities, consists of a dark, long-sleeved Henley shirt, dark cargo pants, leather gloves, and dark boots. A significant accessory for this look is a roll of plastic sheeting, symbolizing the preparation for his clandestine activities.

To replicate Dexter's 'hunting' gear, find a dark green or black long-sleeved Henley shirt, paired with dark cargo pants. The outfit should be practical and allow for ease of movement. Complete this look with a pair of sturdy dark boots and leather gloves. The inclusion of plastic sheeting as a prop can add authenticity to this specific look of Dexter's character.

For Dexter's forensic analyst look, choose a light-colored, knee-length lab coat, typically seen in professional laboratory settings. The coat should have large pockets and fit comfortably over a dark polo shirt and slacks. Dexter's accessories in this look are minimal, but a prop syringe or blood slide box can be included to highlight his role as a blood spatter analyst.

Key details for Dexter's costume include his Miami Metro ID badge, which he wears around his neck or clipped to his lab coat while at work. Additionally, Dexter's neat and tidy appearance, with his hair combed and a clean-shaven face, reflects his methodical and precise nature. These elements contribute to the authenticity of either his forensic analyst or 'hunting' persona.

To enhance your portrayal of Dexter Morgan, consider using some of his memorable quotes like, "Tonight's the night" or "I'm just a normal guy with a dark passenger." Embodying Dexter's calm, analytical demeanor and his inner monologues, often filled with dark humor and introspection, will add depth to your portrayal. Dexter is a complex character, often grappling with his moral code and his urge to kill, making him a fascinating subject for cosplay.

About Dexter Morgan

While Sergeant James Doakes was framed for his murders, Dexter Morgan was the true “Bay Harbor Butcher” mentioned on the Showtime series, Dexter. It was a legend that died along with Doakes until Maria LaGuerta reopened the investigation after discovering a mysterious slide of blood at Travis Marshall’s crime scene. He didn’t get as much attention as his brother, Brian Moser, better known as “The Ice Truck Killer” had received all the attention due to their similar killing styles.

The number of people the forensic blood splatter analyst is thought to have killed is well into the hundreds, but the exact number is unknown for certain. Throughout the series, one thing that stands out about Dexter is his need for control—both of himself and others. It was vital for him to suppress his urges and follow the code in order for him to survive.

Dexter Morgan

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