How to Dress like Dennis Nedry

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Dennis Nedry Costume Guide
Half Frame Wayfarers
Large Yellow Raincoat
Gray Members Only Racers Jacket
Glacier Blue Men's Polo Shirt
Lee Classic-Fit Pleated Pants
Jurassic Park Ranger Logo Velcro Patch
Dennis Nedry Jurassic Park Fake ID
Barbasol Fake Shaving Cream Can

Best Dennis Nedry Costume Guide

Try to escape from Jurassic Park dressed in costume as Dennis Nedry, played by actor Wayne Knight, the overweight programmer in charge of IT in the movie Jurassic Park. Getaway with the dinosaur embryos dressed in a Large Yellow Raincoat, Gray Members Only Racers Jacket, Glacier Blue Men’s Polo Shirt, and Lee Classic-Fit Pleated Pants. Get Nedry’s complete cosplay look with Half Frame Wayfarers, Dennis Nedry Jurassic Park Fake ID, and the infamous Barbasol Fake Shaving Cream Can.

Dennis Nedry Cosplay Costumes

If you’re planning to try and escape Jurassic Park tonight, you’ll first need the right outfit for doing so, and no one has a better outfit for it than Dennis Nedry. Dennis is the overnight programmer in charge of IT who ends up suffering a terrible fate in the movie, Jurassic Park. Dennis is an excellent choice if you plan to do a group cosplay as your friends can go as other characters from the popular movie.

If you wish to get the look of Dennis Nedry, there are a few key things you’ll need. The things you should grab for a perfect costume are half-frame wayfarers, a large yellow raincoat, grey members only racers jacket, a blue polo shirt, pleated khaki pants, a Jurassic Park Ranger logo velcro patch, a Dennis Nedry Jurassic Park fake ID and a fake Barbasol shaving cream can. Whatever you use to come up with your costume, we’d love to see it so don’t hesitate to send over some photos of your costume!

About Dennis Nedry

Dennis is your typical disgruntled employee; he’s lazy, a slob and he doesn’t take his work very seriously. Dennis can’t help but be annoyed at the fact that he’s being blamed for all the bugs, that are in the park’s computer system. While he may be a lazy employee, he does have a bit of a right to be frustrated since he was kept in the dark about the system and he was only able to work with the information he had on hand. But it wasn’t just the system he messed up, he was also trying to help out the competition.

Dennis tried to smuggle out dinosaur embryos to sell to the competitors at a low price. He tried but he wasn’t successful in his attempt as he is killed in a pretty gruesome way by the dinosaurs. John Hammond put confidence in him, but as it turns out, he may have been a little too overconfident in his choice.

Dennis Nedry

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