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Best Demogorgon Costume Guide

The Demogorgon is a humanoid character seen in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Also known as “The Monster,” the creature has no facial features except for a mouth that looks like a Rafflesia flower surrounded by sharp fangs. It was the chief nemesis in the show’s first season which encountered Eleven when she was undergoing testing in a sensory deprivation tank. Eleven, fascinated with the monstrous creature, walked towards the Demogorgon and made contact with her hand. This contact allowed the humanoid to enter the present world and wreak havoc. The Demogorgon eventually kidnapped Will Byers and took him back to the Upside Down, an alternate dimension that exists in a parallel universe to the human world.

Make the most convincing Demogorgon cosplay ever by following this cosplay. The complete look is possible by wearing a Demogorgon Costume, which consists of a White Full Bodysuit, Demogorgon Hands, and Demogorgon Mask. Finish this monster look by putting on a healthy amount of Fake Blood.

Demogorgon Cosplay Costumes

The Demogorgon is a menacing-looking creature with tall and thin stature, complete with elongated limbs. Its head does not have the usual facial features, just a massive mouth that unfurls like flower petals and reveals numerously sharp teeth. It has slimy skin, and its arms and legs have claws. The creature has outstanding physical strength—easily overpowering a fully grown man and breaking through solid walls. The Demogorgon also has telekinetic powers seen when it unlocked the hatch on the Byers’ front door. The Monster also has regenerative healing powers and can detect blood even in the smallest amounts from different dimensions.

Follow the Demogorgon costume guide to find everything you need for the most gruesome cosplay. You can also amplify the monster factor by covering your suit in moss (the fake ones from toy shops will do). You can even use fabric paint to add more details to your outfit. Join with your friends dressed up as characters from Netflix’s Stranger Things like Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, and  Lucas Sinclair.

Demogorgon Costume Tips & FAQs

Find all the essential info with this Demogorgon Costume Guide FAQ! In this section, you’ll find all the essential information for dressing up as the terrifying and monstrous creature from “Stranger Things,” the Demogorgon.

To dress like the Demogorgon, you'll need a full-body costume that includes a jumpsuit or bodysuit with a scaly, reptilian texture, and a dark color palette, such as black, dark gray, or dark brown. It's essential to have long, claw-like hands and feet as part of the costume. You can create these with gloves and shoe covers or purchase a costume that already includes them.

The Demogorgon's head is one of its most iconic features, with a petal-like, opening mouth. You can buy a Demogorgon mask or create one using foam, latex, or fabric. Make sure to include the intricate details, such as sharp teeth and the inner texture of the "petals." For a more realistic look, consider using prosthetics or makeup effects.

The Demogorgon has a tall, slender, and muscular body, with elongated limbs. If you're not naturally tall, you can use platform shoes or stilts to increase your height. To create the illusion of longer arms and legs, you can use padding, fabric, or foam. Practice hunching your shoulders, arching your back, and walking with a predatory, animal-like gait.

The Demogorgon is known for its numerous terrifying encounters with the main characters of "Stranger Things," such as its abduction of Will Byers, its attack on the Hawkins Lab, and its final confrontation with Eleven in the school. Its appearances in the Upside Down, the alternate dimension, are also iconic.

The Demogorgon itself doesn't carry any accessories, so focus on perfecting the creature's appearance and posture. However, if you want to make a group costume or reference the show, consider teaming up with friends dressed as other "Stranger Things" characters or carrying a prop from the series, like a walkie-talkie, a flashlight, or a Dungeons & Dragons game piece.

About Demogorgon

Eleven’s contact with the Demogorgon allowed the creature to enter the present dimension—a gate to the humanoid’s dimension appeared in the wall of the tank room. It was revealed that the beast could travel between dimensions and can even create temporary portals. It kidnapped Will Byers and took him to the Upside Down. The Demogorgon got its nickname when Eleven figured out the connection between the monster and the game Dungeons & Dragons. It was also Eleven who eventually destroyed the creature during a confrontation at Hawkins Middle School.

The head of the Demogorgon resembles the hideous-looking flower Rafflesia Arnoldi, which has the smell of rotting flesh. Mark Steger, the actor who portrayed the monster in the show, was asked if the Demogorgon was some plant because of its appearance. He replied that the monster feels like “more [of a] mushroom, which is kind of between plant and animal.”


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