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The Cartoon Network show Dexter’s Laboratory is a comical and quirky cartoon about a boy genius, Dexter, who has a huge secret laboratory where he loves to experiment. Unfortunately, his older sister always finds a way to put a kink in his plans! Dee Dee, his sister, is what you expect from any young girl. She loves to dance, sing, play with dolls, and get into her brother’s science experiments. Get the look of the ditzy, simple-minded sister with this Dee Dee costume guide.

Cosplay Dee Dee’s look with a Gold Pigtail Wig, Pink Vintage Dress, light pink Face Satin Ribbon, Semi Opaque Tights, and a pair of Pink Ballerina Flats. Now you’re ready to storm into Dexter’s lab and destroy all his experiments.

Dee Dee Cosplay Costumes

Who wouldn’t love to dress up as Dee Dee for cosplay? No one! Nearly everyone has watched the Cartoon Network animated series Dexter’s Laboratory, so you know that Dee Dee is one of the more popular characters on the show. Dee Dee’s outfit doesn’t take much effort to recreate. Follow the costume guide to get all the pieces you need at an affordable price. Here’s how to get started with this super fun costume!

First, you will want to wear a pink, vintage dress with a pair of opaque tights. Once you have those on, you can put on a blonde wig tied up into pigtails. Then, tie some pink satin ribbon around your ankles and slip on a pair of pink ballerina slippers. Now that you’re decked out in Dee Dee attire go along with friends to group cosplay Dexter and Dexter’s mom. Send us a picture of your Dee Dee cosplay for others to dress up just like you.

Dee Dee Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical and energetic world of Dee Dee, the playful and often infuriating sister of Dexter from the animated series “Dexter’s Laboratory.” This costume guide FAQ is crafted to help you capture Dee Dee’s bright, bubbly personality and her iconic style, reflecting her role as Dexter’s mischievous sibling who often disrupts his scientific endeavors.

Dee Dee's outfit is simple yet distinctive. It consists of a pink ballet tutu dress, white ballet slippers, and white tights or leggings. Her dress is usually short and puffy, reflecting her love for dance and her playful nature. Dee Dee's long, blonde hair, often seen in two ponytails tied with pink ribbons, is also a crucial part of her character's look.

To replicate Dee Dee's hairstyle, style your hair (or a wig) into two high ponytails and secure them with pink ribbons or hair ties. Her hair is straight and usually quite long, so extensions or a long wig may be necessary if your hair isn't the appropriate length.

Dee Dee's makeup is minimal, reflecting her youthful and innocent appearance. A light, natural makeup look is ideal. You might use a little pink blush to give a cheerful, rosy-cheeked appearance and some light lip gloss.

To enhance a Dee Dee costume, consider carrying ballet-related accessories, such as a pair of ballet slippers (if not already worn) or a small tiara to emphasize her love of dance. You could also include a stuffed animal or toy, representing her childlike interests.

Incorporating some of Dee Dee's memorable quotes can add authenticity to your portrayal. Some examples are: "Oooooh, what does this button do?," "La la la la la, la la la la la!," "Hi, Dexter! Whatcha doin'?," "I'm dancing, I'm dancing!" and "You are stupid." These quotes capture Dee Dee's curious, playful, and sometimes inadvertently destructive nature, often causing chaos in Dexter's lab.

About Dee Dee

Dee Dee is Dexter’s older sister from the cartoon show Dexter’s Laboratory. She does exactly what older sisters do best—aggravate their younger brothers! Dee Dee and her brother Dexter live in the same house, but Dexter tries his best to keep Dee Dee out his business and secret laboratory. But, Dee Dee is far too nosey and absent minded to keep away from Dexter. It seems as though she actually enjoys ruining projects her brother is working on!

Dee Dee bounces around in every episode because she is super hyper and ditzy. As much as she ruins her brother’s experiments, it’s not because she dislikes him, but because she is curious. She ends up unintentionally messing everything up—much to Dexter’s dismay! Dee Dee is very much a girl because she loves ballet, puppies, rainbows, butterflies, unicorns, and everything pink. It’s quite hilarious that even though she cannot stay out of Dexter’s laboratory, she absolutely cannot stand it when Dexter goes into her room!

Dee Dee

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