How to Dress Like Debut Pearl

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Debut Pearl Costume Guide
Peach Hair Dye
Gold Star Iron On Patch
Leotard With Adjustable Straps
Mini Tutu Skirt
Lime Green Socks
Mid Thigh Cotton Spandex
Round Toe Ballet Flat Slip On
Pearl's Spear

Best Debut Pearl Costume Guide

Debut Pearl is the first version of Pearl from the show Steven Universe. Even though she later grows into a much more confident character, her timid personality is important because it shows the basis of her character. Pearl first made an appearance on the show in the very first episode of Steven Universe in 2013. She quickly became one of the most valuable characters on the show. Her appearance portrays her personality with the light, bright colors and simple outfit.

This guide will get you the outfit Pearl made her debut in. She can always be seen wearing her same Peach Hair color with an oval pearl on her forehead. She carries the same Spear that you see later in the show, but her outfit details have slightly changed. In the beginning, she wore a turquoise Leotard with Adjustable Straps that has a gold star. Add a Mini Tutu Skirt, Cotton Spandex Shorts in light pink, Lime Green Socks, and Round Toe Ballet Flats.

Debut Pearl Cosplay Costumes

It’s time to get the look of a Crystal Gem! If you want to cosplay classic Debut Pearl, then we have all the steps you need to easily recreate her look! The few things that never change about Pearl’s look is her peach colored hair which you can achieve with a temporary hair dye. She also has a pearl on her forehead—so grab an oval shaped pearl and stick it on your forehead with some body adhesive.

Debut Pearl wears a Tiffany Blue leotard that should be fairly easy to find. Throw on a pair of pink Spandex shorts and a white mini skirt to mirror Pearl’s outfit. Make sure to iron on a gold star to the leotard chest then slip on lime green socks with a pair of Tiffany Blue ballet shoes. You can find Pearl’s spear online and use it over and over again if you want to wear this same outfit again. You can even use it to try out one of Pearl’s other looks. For more tips, check out the other Steven Universe fans who dressed as Debut Pearl in the cosplay gallery. Send us a pic of your costume when it’s complete!

About Debut Pearl

Pearl from the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe is a Crystal Gem who moved from her home world to Earth. Of all the characters seen on the show over the years, Pearl has changed the most. Debut Pearl came to Earth feeling unsure of herself and not understanding the behavior of human beings around her. Debut Pearl would let others push her around and treat her like an object rather than the magnificent a Crystal Gem.

Pearl came to Earth around 5,750 years ago! She came to Earth to protect it from the Homeworld Gems who planned on sucking it of all its resources. In the first season of the show, Pearl connects with the half-Gem Steven Universe and discovers that she wants to protect him and teach him to control his powers. She takes him under her wing and shows him the adventurous lives of the Crystal Gems!

Debut Pearl

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