How to Dress Like Deb Bradshaw

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Best Deb Bradshaw Costume Guide

If you’re looking for the perfect quirky costume, dress up as Deb Bradshaw from the hit film Napoleon Dynamite. Deb loves taking pictures of people as a part of her glamour shot business, and she’s always trying to sell her handicrafts. She’s good friends with Napoleon and Pedro, and she helped Pedro during his run for class president.

All you need to pull off the perfect Deb Bradshaw costume is a Devon & Jones pink stretch jersey polo, pink Everest signature waist pack, Goody Ouchless Ponytailers, American Apparel pencil stone wash indigo jeans, and a pair of PhiFA leather bow-knot loafers. You can also easily put together a handicraft kit using a Creative Options 2-tray craft box, some assorted woven bracelets, a Pepperell S’getti Strings jewelry making kit, and an ‘80s bracelet set.

Deb Bradshaw Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay as Deb Bradshaw at your next convention and you can be just like the quirkiest girl in Preston, Idaho. With your pink jersey polo, blue jeans, and side ponytail, everyone will recognize you as the oddball jewelry maker that won the hearts of Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sanchez. The best part? You get to wear a fanny pack – they’re stylish AND convenient.

Totally embrace Deb’s weirdness by showing up to your convention with some fun handicrafts. You’ll just need a craft box, jewelry making kit, and ‘80s bracelet set. Oh, and don’t forget to wear Deb’s signature bow-knot loafers. Check out these dynamite Deb cosplayers to get some inspiration for your costume.

Deb Bradshaw Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the unique charm of Deb Bradshaw from “Napoleon Dynamite” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Step into the world of this quirky and endearing character as we answer your most common questions about recreating Deb’s distinct style, ideal for bringing a touch of indie nostalgia to any costume event or themed party.

Deb's outfit is a memorable blend of modesty and 80s style. Key components include a light pink, collared, button-up shirt, a high-waisted denim skirt, white socks pulled up high, and simple white sneakers. Her hair is typically pulled back into a side ponytail, secured with a scrunchie.

Deb's hairstyle is iconic yet easy to replicate. If you have long hair, simply pull it into a high, side ponytail and secure it with a colorful scrunchie, preferably in a pastel shade. She often wears large, round glasses, which are essential to her look.

Deb is often seen carrying her side-hustle props. Include a small fabric sample case for her glamour shots business, and you might even carry some boondoggle key chains as a fun and quirky prop, reflecting her entrepreneurial spirit.

Deb is shy, sweet, and somewhat awkward. She often speaks in a soft, hesitant voice and exhibits modest, reserved body language. Capturing her gentle and earnest demeanor can enhance your portrayal.

Including quotes from Deb can add authenticity to your portrayal. Some memorable ones include: "I could make you a sweet deal.," "I'm trying to earn money for college.," "Your mom goes to college.," "It's like a dollar an hour." and "I do glamour shots by Deb." These quotes highlight Deb's entrepreneurial efforts and her sweet, if somewhat awkward, nature, making her a beloved character in the film.

About Deb Bradshaw

Deb Bradshaw is an awkward teenage girl that runs her own glamour shot business in Preston, Idaho. She’s not a particularly pleasant person to be around (she always speaks in a boring, monotone voice), and she’s quite unpopular at school. Deb sells handicrafts on top of running her own business so that she can pay for college. Deb is good friends with Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sanchez, although the three friends got off to a rocky start when they first met.

Deb is a kind person who enjoys helping others. When Pedro shaved off all of his hair, it was Deb that saved the day by gifting him a wig. She doesn’t take kindly to offensive criticisms, and when Napoleon’s uncle suggested she augment her body to make her prettier, Deb abruptly stopped speaking to Napoleon. Despite the drama of the school year, Deb remains friends with Napoleon and Pedro.

Deb Bradshaw

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