How to Dress Like Deadpool

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Deadpool Costume Guide
Dual Swords with Back Carrying Scabbard
Deadpool Superhero Full Body Suit
Deadpool Belt with Buckle and Pouches
Neoprene Knife Holder With Straps
UTG Heavy Duty Web Belt
Cold Steel Rubber Trainer Knife
Wade Wilson "Deadpool" Replica Dogtags
UTG Elite Tactical Left Handed Leg Holster
UTG Elite Tactical Right Handed Leg Holster
Red and Black Motorcycle Racing Boots
Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Airsoft Pistol
Toncy Premium Tactical Half Finger Glove

Best Deadpool Costume Guide

Suit up like the Marvel antihero Wade Wilson known as Deadpool and played by Ryan Reynolds in the hit movie. Though disfigured and mentally unstable, the Merc with a Mouth has the superhuman ability of accelerated healing. Get Deadpool’s costume with a Deadpool Superhero Full Body Suit, Wade Wilson Replica Dogtags, UTG Elite Tactical Right and Left Handed Leg Holster, UTG Heavy Duty Web Belt, Deadpool Belt with Buckle and Pouches, Neoprene Knife Holder with Straps, and a pair of Red and Black Motorcycle Racing Boots. Bring along the same weapons as the Regenerating Degenerate with a dual Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Airsoft Pistol, Dual Swords with Back Carrying Scabbard, and a Cold Steel Rubber Trainer Knife.

Deadpool Cosplay Costumes

For your next convention or party, cosplay as Deadpool from the hit film of the same name. People will instantly recognize you as the smart aleck superhero in your full Deadpool body suit. The best part? You get to crack hilarious jokes the entire time.

This vigilante cosplay costume is all about accessorizing with sweet superhero gear. You’ll feel ready to track down your enemies with dual swords on your back and an airsoft pistol in each of your leg holsters. Your Deadpool utility belt will be perfect for carrying your arsenal of gadgets—and all the numbers you’re bound to get. Still not convinced? See just how cool you’ll look in your costume by checking out these Deadpool cosplayers.

About Deadpool

Deadpool, known by his real name Wade Wilson, was a mercenary operating in New York City. After having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, Wilson was approached by someone who offered to cure his cancer with an experimental program. Wilson agreed, only to find himself the victim of torture after the controllers of the experiment injected him with a serum. Wilson’s cancer was eventually cured, but he was left severely disfigured from the program.

Seeking vengeance on those that disfigured him, Wilson became a vigilante, calling himself Deadpool. As Deadpool, Wilson tracked down and killed those that tortured and mutilated him. He eventually learned that there was no cure to his disfigurement. Having been hiding his appearance from his girlfriend, Vanessa Carlysle, Wilson finally decided to reveal his disfigured face to her. Vanessa was unphased by Wilson’s appearance, and she decided to stay with him because she loved him.


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