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Best Dash Parr Costume Guide

Dash Parr is a fictional character in the Disney Pixar animated film series The Incredibles. He is voiced by Spencer Fox in the first film and Huck Milner in the sequel. While his voice actor may change, one thing doesn’t – his supercharged speed! Dash is an adventurous child, always full of life and keen to show off his amazing skills. His upbeat, energetic personality often annoys his sister Violet who has a bleaker personality, and he can also infuriate his mother who must always remind him that using his abilities could expose the family.

While he doesn’t technically have any superhuman strength, he does have enhanced durability, evidenced by the way he is able to bounce back quickly from many of the speed induced crashes he has with obstacles and people. To get the look of the middle child in The Incredibles you’ll need to slip into your Incredibles Bodysuit, Black Boots, Incredibles Adult Gloves, and throw on your Blonde Wig for full effect.

Dash Parr Cosplay Costumes

The Incredibles was a massive success in 2004, and in 2018 we’re expecting the world to be swept up in Incredibles mania once again as the Parr family return to screens with a whole bunch of crime-fighting adventures to continue. Dash Parr is such an energetic, fun character, so you’ll have to bring your big personality to this costume as well as your ability to look good in a bodysuit!

If turning yourself into a character who can move at the speed of light makes you the envy of all your friends, make sure you let them know they don’t have to be left out. Send them here to Costume Wall, and we’ve got them covered for Incredible costume ideas such as Violet Parr, Elastigirl, Frozone, and Screenslaver. If you’ve put in a cosplay effort which is truly incredible, don’t forget to submit some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Dash Parr Costume Tips & FAQs

Zoom into action with our costume guide FAQ for Dash Parr, the speedster youngster from the beloved Pixar film, “The Incredibles.” Known for his super-speed and energetic personality, Dash’s costume reflects his role as a young superhero in a family of crime fighters. This guide will help you capture Dash’s classic and iconic superhero look, perfect for fans of all ages who admire his quick wit and lightning-fast moves.

Dash Parr's superhero costume is a sleek and distinctive suit that symbolizes his speed and agility. Essential components include a red full-body suit with black and orange accents, emblematic of The Incredibles' family colors. The suit features the iconic "I" logo on the chest. Dash also wears black gloves and black boots with orange highlights, completing his superhero attire.

Dash has short, spiky blonde hair. To replicate his look, style your hair (or a wig) in a similar fashion with gel or styling products to achieve the spiky effect. Dash's hair is playful and energetic, much like his personality.

Dash wears black superhero boots that are part of his Incredibles suit. The boots are sleek and simple, designed for functionality. They should be comfortable for running, as Dash is known for his super speed.

While Dash doesn't typically use accessories or props, a pair of sleek, black goggles can be a fun addition to the costume, especially if portraying him in action or running at super speed. Otherwise, keeping the costume simple and streamlined is key to maintaining Dash's look.

Portraying Dash involves capturing his energetic, confident, and slightly impulsive nature. Some memorable quotes include: "We've got to use our powers to help people!," "That was totally wicked!," "I've got to go fast. I'm not just fast; I'm Dash!" and "You always say, 'Do your best,' but you don't really mean it. Why can't I do the best that I can do?" Emphasizing his enthusiasm for his powers and his desire to be more than just a normal kid will bring authenticity to your portrayal of Dash Parr.

About Dash Parr

Dashiell Robert Parr, or ‘Dash’ as he is known to family and friends is one of the main characters in 2004’s The Incredibles, and it’s 2018 sequel. Dash is an enthusiastic young crime-fighter who is gifted with super-speed. Being young and precocious, he sometimes doesn’t understand why he has to keep his awesome abilities hidden from the world, and is constantly reminded by his mother that the family can’t expose their civilian cover.

His exuberant and playful personality sometimes rubs his sister the wrong way, and the pair are often seen having arguments, but when it comes time to work as a family to protect each other, Dash is extremely loyal and embraces the responsibility of being a member of a crime-fighting family. The taste of crime-fighting action he received in the first film has done nothing to dampen his excitement for the job, and in the sequel, he still wants to showcase his unique talents to the world.

Dash Parr

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