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Chimpanzee Mask
Blue and White Striped Tank Top
Cheese Puffs
Blue Shorts
Chimpanzee Feet

Best Darwin Thornberry Costume Guide

As a loyal companion to Eliza Thornberry who appears in the Nickelodeon show The Wild Thornberrys, Darwin is the chimpanzee who travels with Eliza and her family all around the world shooting the television show. Darwin is the one who usually tries to be the voice of reason in most situations, but Eliza usually chooses to not listen. Unlike most chimpanzees that you may come across, Darwin dresses in a casual attire and speaks to Eliza in a rather posh British accent. Get the look of the talking chimpanzee with this Darwin Thornberry costume guide.

Cosplay Darwin Thornberry, the cautious chimpanzee, by wearing a chimpanzee mask, blue and white striped tank top, blue shorts, and chimpanzee feet. The last thing you’ll need to complete this look is a bag of cheese puffs to carry around just like Darwin in the animated show.

Darwin Thornberry Cosplay Costumes

If you choose to dress as Darwin this Halloween, you would have to find someone to go as your best friend, Eliza Thornberry. While you could cosplay Darwin by yourself, it won’t be the same unless you have Eliza by your side. Having a friend dressed as her means you two could travel around and get into trouble just like the inseparable duo that appears in the show. While dressed as Darwin, you should caution your friends not do certain things.

Finding all the costume pieces for your Darwin chimpanzee cosplay may be difficult when it comes to finding the correct items, but with a little searching online you can find everything you need. Whatever costume you come up with this Halloween, we’d love to share photos of your Darwin Thornberry costume to display on Costume Wall.

Darwin Thornberry Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the adventurous world of “The Wild Thornberrys” with our costume guide FAQ, focusing on the lovable and expressive character, Darwin Thornberry. As the Thornberry family’s chimpanzee companion, Darwin’s costume presents a fun and unique opportunity to channel one of the most beloved characters from the series. This guide will help you accurately recreate Darwin’s look, complete with his iconic clothing and primate features.

Darwin's costume is distinctive yet simple, reflecting his character as a chimpanzee with human-like qualities. Essential elements include a light blue tank top and a pair of red-orange shorts. To portray Darwin's chimpanzee appearance, use brown body paint or a brown furry bodysuit, along with prosthetic monkey ears and facial makeup to emulate his primate features. Darwin is often seen walking upright, so emphasizing his human-like posture is also important.

To replicate Darwin's chimpanzee features, use high-quality brown body paint to cover any exposed skin. For the face, apply makeup to create a more primate-like appearance, focusing on his distinctive nose and mouth area. Prosthetic ears designed to look like chimpanzee ears can be attached and blended with makeup. Additionally, consider using gloves with fur or painted to look like chimpanzee hands.

The most essential accessories for Darwin's costume are his light blue tank top and red-orange shorts, which are simple yet iconic. Additionally, you might carry a plush toy or prop that fits the adventurous theme of "The Wild Thornberrys," such as a toy camera or binoculars, to represent his involvement in the family's wildlife documentary adventures.

Yes, you can create a DIY version of Darwin's outfit. Start with a basic light blue tank top and red-orange shorts, which can be found at most clothing stores or created by modifying existing clothing with fabric dye. The key is to match the colors closely to Darwin's outfit in the show. The outfit should be simple and comfortable, allowing for ease of movement.

Including quotes or catchphrases from Darwin can bring your costume to life and showcase his personality. Some memorable lines include: "Oh, dear.," "I can't believe I'm doing this.," "Eliza, are you sure this is a good idea?," "Oh, I do wish I could go back to being a regular chimpanzee." and "After all, I'm not just any chimp. I'm a Thornberry." These quotes reflect Darwin's cautious yet loyal nature, his often-worried demeanor, and his unique status as a talking chimpanzee, making them perfect for adding depth to your character portrayal at events or parties.

About Darwin Thornberry

Darwin stumbled across the Thornberrys while they were filming their nature show and quickly became best friends with Eliza Thornberry. While great friends, they weren’t really able to communicate with each other. With the help of an African Shaman, that problem was quickly solved and have been chatting with each other ever since. While Darwin may have come from the wilderness, he prefers the comforts of humans.

He isn’t a big fan of getting into dangerous expeditions in the wild. One word that would fit Darwin Thornberry would have to be cautious, especially when it comes to Eliza. He usually follows her on her crazy journeys as much as he may not want to, to ensure she’s safe. He usually tries to be the voice of reason, but she rarely listens to him!

Darwin Thornberry

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