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Men's Long-Sleeve Work Shirt
Men's Twill Work Jacket
Men's 550 Relaxed-Fit Jean
Essential Watch
Black Shoes

Best Darryl Philbin Costume Guide

Darryl Philbin, played by Craig Robinson, works for Dunder Mifflin as the Head of Shipping and Distribution at the Scranton branch on the award-winning comedy The Office. He unofficially is in control of keeping Michael Scott, the Scranton branch manager, in line with all the rules and regulations. Michael often pushes Darryl’s buttons until nearly pushing him over the edge. But, Darryl knows he has to keep his cool and get his work done because he is a dedicated worker. Cosplay the Dunder Mifflin employee with this Darryl Philbin costume guide.

Cosplay Darryl Philbin’s uniform from The Office by wearing a Men’s Long-Sleeve Work Shirt, Men’s Twill Work Jacket, a pair of Men’s 550 Relaxed-Fit Jeans, Essential Watch, and a pair of Black Shoes.

Darryl Philbin Cosplay Costumes

Darryl Philbin is a simple man when it comes to his office attire because he wears the same uniform every day. Dressing up as any character from the television comedy The Office makes for a fun night, but Darryl is a one-of-a-kind character that is even better! It should only take a few minutes to get the look of “Mittah Rogers,” as Michael Scott often refers to Darryl. Follow this guide to get the basic blue-collar look of Darryl.

You can’t dress like Darryl without a tan colored men’s long sleeve work shirt and a pair of black, relaxed fit jeans. Once you have those clothes on, you can layer a gray, twill work jacket. Slip on a pair of black work shoes and an Essential watch. That’s it! This costume is super easy to cosplay! Dress up with others character from The Office television show like Dwight Schrute, Andy Bernard, Kevin Malone, and Michael Scot. If you need more costume inspiration, check out the hundreds of other costume guides on Costume Wall.

Darryl Philbin Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the laid-back yet sharp style of Darryl Philbin from the popular TV series “The Office” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Get ready to channel the cool warehouse foreman and later office employee as we delve into your most asked questions about recreating Darryl’s distinctive, casual look.

Darryl Philbin's style is casual and functional, reflecting his warehouse roots. Essential items include a short-sleeved collared shirt (often plaid or a solid color), relaxed-fit jeans or khaki pants, and comfortable sneakers or work boots. Darryl is also frequently seen wearing a Dunder Mifflin warehouse cap.

To replicate Darryl's warehouse attire, opt for a high-visibility safety vest over a plain t-shirt, paired with sturdy denim jeans and work boots. Don't forget his signature Dunder Mifflin warehouse cap, which is a key accessory for this look.

After his promotion, Darryl's style shifts slightly to a more business-casual look. This includes button-down shirts, sometimes with a tie, sweater vests, and dress pants. He maintains his laid-back style, so the outfits are never overly formal.

Besides the Dunder Mifflin warehouse cap, Darryl often sports a wristwatch and a simple belt. He's rarely seen with excessive accessories, keeping his look practical and minimalistic.

Adding some of Darryl Philbin's memorable quotes can elevate your portrayal. Some of his notable lines include: "You need to access your uncrazy side.," "Whoa, awesome! Spreadsheet!," "I'm aware of the effect I have on women.," "I taught Mike some phrases to help with his interracial conversations. You know, stuff like, 'Fleece it out,' 'Going mach five,' 'Dinkin' flicka.' You know, things us Negroes say." and "Every little boy fantasizes about his fairytale wedding." These quotes capture Darryl's humorous and sometimes sarcastic personality, making them great additions to your costume portrayal.

About Darryl Philbin

Darryl Philbin, portrayed by Craig Robinson, is another hilarious character from the hit television show, The Office. Darryl runs the warehouse at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch but gets moved to his own office upstairs which keeps him more involved with the other characters. While Darryl is a kind and funny guy, his attitude completely changes whenever Michael Scott is around.

Michael likes to play pranks and be silly at every chance he can, but this sometimes messes with Darryl’s schedule and shipments arriving into the office. Darryl also doesn’t like the fact that Michael Scott disregards any safety measures taken for the employees while in the office. Darryl and Michael’s ongoing strife at Dunder Mifflin makes for some hilarious comedy on The Office. Darryl has some serious relationship issues with his girlfriend Kelly but is ultimately happy when she goes back to her previous boyfriend. He is one of the most comical characters on the already funny show.

Darryl Philbin

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