How to Dress Like Dante

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White Short Wig
Double-Breasted Jacket
Long Red Coat
Dante Replica Sword
Fingerless Biker Gloves
Airsoft Gun
Leather Chaps
Dark Red Jeans
Combat Boots

Best Dante Costume Guide

Dante is the demon fighting vigilante from the Devil May Cry video gaming series created by Capcom that has become one of the most popular characters in gaming. Originally slated to be a part of the Resident Evil franchise, the first game that was released in 2001 doesn’t lack its fair share of brutality and demons! Dante won’t stop until he has avenged the death of his mother and the corruption of his brother. As the son of a demon, Dante possesses powers beyond that of any human which he uses to his advantage. Get the look of the demon hunting mercenary with this Dante costume guide.

Coplay Dante by wearing a Short White Wig, Double Breasted Jacket, Long Red Coat, Leather Chaps, Dark Red Jeans, and a pair of Combat Boots. Getting all of his accessories that you will need to fight against supernatural forces like Fingerless Biker Gloves, Airsoft Gun, and a Dante Replica Sword! If you’re ready to be fearless, then Dante is the look for you!

Dante Cosplay Costumes

Demons, vampires, and any supernatural forces have always been a huge hit to cosplay. Dante from the Devil May Cry video game series has been hunting down demons for years! This costume has a dark and dismal look, but we all know that Dante has a sarcastic and upbeat side to him which will make this costume fun as well! Surprisingly, the pieces needed for this look can be found pretty easily! The red jacket, double-breasted jacket, and combat boots can be many different places online while the rest of the costume pieces can be found in a costume shop.

Dante sets out on his own most the time, but that shouldn’t stop you from turning this look into a group cosplay! Grab a couple of friends to dress as Trish or Vergil who appear in the game and you will have quite the haunting look! Send us a picture of your completed Dante recreation, your look could be the next feared costume!

Dante Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a stylish demon-hunting adventure with our dedicated costume guide FAQ for Dante, the iconic character from the Devil May Cry video game series. This guide aims to answer your key questions about recreating Dante’s signature look, capturing his cool and devil-may-care attitude.

Dante's most recognizable costume features a long, red trench coat with stylish black inner lining, a black undershirt, dark blue jeans, and rugged red or black boots. Accessories include his signature amulet, a variety of weapon replicas such as his sword "Rebellion" and dual pistols "Ebony and Ivory," and fingerless gloves.

Dante is known for his short, white, and somewhat messy hair. To replicate this, you can either bleach and style your own hair or use a white wig. The hair should be textured and slightly spiked, embodying Dante's rebellious and carefree personality.

Dante has a fairly rugged and masculine look, with sharp jawlines and a confident smirk. Minimal makeup is needed; just a bit of foundation for an even skin tone and perhaps some contouring to highlight the jawline and cheekbones. Dante often sports a light stubble, so consider using makeup or a fake beard to replicate this if necessary.

Dante is known for his flamboyant, confident, and sometimes sarcastic demeanor. He often strikes dramatic poses, especially with his weapons, and has a casual, almost cocky way of standing and walking. Practicing some of his iconic moves and poses, particularly from his battle sequences, would enhance the authenticity of your portrayal.

Dante's witty and cocky remarks are a big part of his character. Some of his memorable quotes include: "This party's gettin' crazy. Let's rock.," "Jackpot.," "You're not going to shoot me, are you? If you do, I'll die. You know, if that's what it takes to shut you up.," "Flock off, feather-face!," and "I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light!." These quotes encapsulate Dante's brash and confident personality, adding an extra layer of depth to your costume portrayal.

About Dante

Dante is the main character from Capcom’s Devil May Cry video game series who is set on destroying all evil, supernatural forces that cross his path. He pursued this mission in life after evil forces killed his mother and corrupted his brother. Dante is a private investigator working to fight against demons and the supernatural entities. Even though he has a demonic side of his own, he doesn’t let this control his personality and life’s work because he knows it could change him for the worse.

Dante is a cocky and confident guy, so much that he gets mouthy when going up against demons. He could easily kill them in an instant, but he would rather taunt them before brutally destroying them. He pushes his own limits and has regard for situations that could be too dangerous. He is serious about killing demons, but that doesn’t stop him from having a quick wit and constant comebacks in every life-threatening situation.


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