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Best DMC Dante Costume Guide

Dante is the recurring character seen in the action-adventure video game, Devil May Cry, that was first released in 2001. As the recurring protagonist of the franchise series’ storyline, Dante is also the main playable character of the franchise. He is the second son of the demon named Sparda and a human named Eva. He is also the twin brother of Vergil. Dante is described to be a paranormal mercenary. As a private investigator and vigilante Devil Hunter, Dante dedicates himself to exterminating evil supernatural beings. He’s determined to pursue those who killed his mother and corrupted his brother.

Get the look of the paranormal vigilante with this complete Devil May Cry Dante costume guide. Look killer in his outfit by wearing a Dante Jacket, Grey Jeans, a Grey Tank Top, Fingerless Gloves, a Pendant Necklace, and Black Boots. Don’t forget to bring along a Toy Gun and a Toy Sword.

DMC Dante Cosplay Costumes

Dante is described to be a very flippant character, especially at the start of the video game franchise. He finds great joy and pleasure in taunting his enemies, even the most powerful of demons. Dante’s fearlessness is taken to an extreme in that he generally projects a very detached attitude towards even the most dangerous of situations. One such instance was when Dante assumed that Trish had to use the bathroom after he crashed through his office on a motorcycle—all the while being attacked by demons. On other similar occasions, Dante would casually shrug off injuries such as a headshot wound or impalement as if it were a light scratch. He’s in a league all of his own.

If you want an intimidating character to cosplay, Dante from Devil May Cry is your character. Make your game night a party by inviting friends to dress up as their favorite Devil May Cry character. They can go as other characters from the popular video game franchise like Vergil, Nero, and Nico Goldstein.

DMC Dante Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the stylish and action-packed world of “Devil May Cry” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ, focusing on Dante, the series’ iconic demon hunter. Discover how to embody Dante’s signature look and attitude as we answer your most pressing questions about recreating his distinctive style.

Dante's look is both iconic and distinctive. Key components include a long, red trench coat with stylish lapels and inner lining, a black undershirt or vest, dark pants, and tall, black boots. Dante's outfit is often accented with various belts and straps and a silver necklace with his amulet. Completing the look is his signature silver hair, often styled in a messy, yet striking manner.

Dante's red coat is a central part of his costume. Look for a long, red leather or faux leather trench coat with a similar style. You can modify an existing coat by adding black lining and unique details like the buttons or buckles that Dante has on his. The coat should be well-fitted and flare out slightly at the bottom.

Dante is known for his variety of weapons. Props like replica swords (such as Rebellion) and guns (Ebony and Ivory) are essential to his character. Ensure that these props adhere to cosplay safety guidelines and are clearly identifiable as fake.

Dante is known for his striking silver hair, which is usually short and somewhat spiky. Use a silver or white wig styled to mimic his hair, or temporarily color your hair if it's already short. Makeup should be minimal, focusing on a slightly pale complexion to match Dante's somewhat otherworldly appearance.

To truly embody Dante's character, you can use some of his iconic quotes: "This party's getting crazy. Let's rock.," "Jackpot,." "I'm not a demon. I'm a devil hunter.," "You're right, I'm his son, Dante. Sweet dreams." and "Flock off, feather-face." These quotes reflect Dante's confident, carefree attitude and his flair for dramatic entrances and encounters, making them ideal for adding an extra layer of authenticity to your portrayal.

About DMC Dante

When Dante and his older twin brother, Vergil, were much younger, their father Sparda would train them. Throughout his early childhood, Dante never knew his father was a legendary demon. For unknown reasons, Sparda died and left Dante’s mother Eva to take care of him and his brother. During his eighth birthday, Eva gave him and his brother half of the Perfect Amulet—a key to a gate that leads to the Demon World. At around the same age, Dante and his family were attacked by demons.

His mother was killed in that attack and Dante was separated from his older brother. Even though they both survived, Dante believed for a long time that Vergil also died along with his mother. Following these events, Dante followed his mother’s last wish of taking on the new identity of Anthony “Tony” Redgrave and hiding from demons. Ironically, Dante strayed from the promise of hiding by going out of his way to slay demons instead.

DMC Dante

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