How to Dress Like Dale Gribble

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Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
Orange Hat
Brown Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt
Fake Cigarettes
Blue Pants
Aviator Sunglasses
Steel Link Watch
Brown Casual Belt
Steel Toe Work Boots

Best Dale Gribble Costume Guide

Dale Gribble is one of the leading characters from the popular animated series King of the Hill. Dale is an insect exterminator who breeds small animals on the side. He was a major part of the Fox comedy series that aired from 1997 to 2009, and made fans of the show laugh the entire length of the series! Dale had his signature look, usually showing off his exterminator work attire. Get that same look with the Dale Gribble costume guide.

Dale was always ready to exterminate any insects in his Heavy Cotton T-Shirt, Orange Hat, Brown Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt, Blue Pants, Aviator Sunglasses, Steel Link Watch, Brown Casual Belt, Steel Toe Work Boots, and his ever present Cigarettes. Every now and then he would talk about guns, smoking, or some kind of conspiracy theory with Hank Hill.

Dale Gribble Cosplay Costumes

Dale dresses as a regular guy, an exterminator, but everyone recognizes his outfit because King of the Hill was such a huge hit on television. You can easily dress as Dale for your next cosplay occasion because his clothing is found in everyday closets. Dale is not one to get dressed fancy, so all of these items are cheap and easy to find!

Start out by recreating Dale’s costume with a bright orange baseball cap and aviator sunglasses. Those items along with a brown button down short sleeve shirt are Dale’s go-to style. We have found all of these items for you, but you can quickly run to almost any clothing store and find these pieces. If you are wanting to go as a group, grab a couple of friends to dress as Bobby, Hank, Peggy, or Luanne, and you’ll have the entire King of the Hill crew! Our Dale Gribble cosplay picture gallery is full of people who recreated the look. Shoot us a picture of your costume once it’s complete and say, “Wingo” just like Dale!

Dale Gribble Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the suburban world of Arlen, Texas, with our costume guide FAQ for Dale Gribble, the conspiracy-theorist and exterminator from the animated series “King of the Hill.” Known for his paranoid antics, unique sense of humor, and distinctive style, Dale’s look is both recognizable and emblematic of his quirky personality. Perfect for fans seeking to embody Dale’s character at themed events, cosplay conventions, or any gathering celebrating the humor and heart of “King of the Hill,” this guide will provide you with all the essentials to recreate Dale Gribble’s signature appearance.

Dale Gribble's outfit is a mix of casual and utilitarian styles. Essential components include a white t-shirt, often seen under a button-up shirt with vertical stripes or a unique pattern. He wears light blue jeans and brown work boots. Dale is rarely seen without his signature sunglasses and white mesh trucker hat with a logo or emblem on the front. He also sports a brown belt with a large buckle and often carries a cigarette.

Dale has short, brown hair, usually hidden under his trucker hat. To replicate his look, you can use a short brown wig or style your own hair in a simple, neat manner. The key is to have the hair mostly covered by the trucker hat

Dale wears practical brown work boots, suitable for his job as an exterminator. Choose boots that are sturdy and comfortable, with a no-frills, utilitarian appearance.

Key accessories for a Dale Gribble costume include his white mesh trucker hat, often with a simple logo or emblem, and his dark sunglasses, which are iconic to his character. Carrying a prop cigarette or a toy bug sprayer can add authenticity to the costume, reflecting his profession and personality.

Dale is known for his conspiracy theories and humorous remarks. Here are some memorable quotes: "The government has a device that can read your thoughts.," "Guns don't kill people, the government does.," "I am the Mack Daddy of Heimlich County!," "You know what Ford stands for, don't you? It stands for 'Fix It Again, Tony.'" and "Pocket sand!" - a line from his signature move of throwing sand from his pocket to escape or distract. These quotes capture Dale's eccentric and humorous nature, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this beloved character.

About Dale Gribble

We all know Dale Gribble from the hilarious animated television series King of the Hill. Dale is one of the leading characters who is a chain smoking, gun loving, bug exterminator. Although he kills insects on the daily, he has a liking for breeding small animals, such as turtles to enter them into contests. Dale’s an interesting guy, which makes him all the more entertaining to watch. Dale works even though he has expressed that his wife pays for everything except for the cable bill because a bill of that importance is his priority and responsibility.

Dale is a confident guy until he gets into a situation that he isn’t 100% sure is going to go in his favor. Once he gets into a sticky situation, he is known to coward out and runs as far away as possible. Dale is also the guy who knows everything about the United States government and can tell you everything you need to know about conspiracy theories. This guy has everything figured out, down to how to be the best keyboard musician you’ve ever heard on King of the Hill.

Dale Gribble

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