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Daisy Mason (nee Robinson), is a former kitchen maid turned assistant cook in the PBS historical British drama, Downton Abbey. She lives under the care of the house’s cook, Mrs. Patmore. She has a massive crush on Alfred Nugent, who works as a footman at Downtown Abbey. This crush led to conflict between Daisy and another kitchen maid, Ivy Stuart, who also likes Alfred. On Valentine’s Day, both girls received cards, and Daisy thought that hers was from Alfred. It turns out that it was Mrs. Patmore who sent Daisy the card; she did not want the Daisy to be left out, mainly because it was Alfred who sent a card to Ivy.

Daisy wears her maid’s uniform in most of the show, but she dons a lovely pink dress at a servants’ day out at the beach. Get the look of the young kitchen assistant with this Daisy Mason costume guide. Score her pretty look by wearing a Vintage Dress with the Embroidery Patches. You can then accessorize just like Daisy with a Straw Hat and a pair of Women’s Ballet Flats. Complete the picnic ensemble with a Picnic Basket.

Daisy Mason Cosplay Costumes

Because of her job at Downton Abbey, Daisy Mason is usually seen wearing her standard maid uniform. This uniform consists of a dress (mostly in pastel and muted colors) with a white-collar, white apron, and white hat. Her hair is generally pulled up in a bun. Daisy wears minimal to no accessories, and her face is bare, devoid of any makeup. Following her promotion to kitchen assistant, a black uniform became a part of her wardrobe.

Daisy’s lovely look that she had at the picnic can be yours by following this costume set. There’s no need to add anything else. Since Daisy keeps her face bare at work, she may have primped a little for the servants’ day out. So, you should probably add a bit of light makeup to your face—sparse color to your eyebrows, a hint of color on the cheeks and lips, and maybe colored lenses if your eyes are a different color.

Daisy Mason Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the elegant world of “Downton Abbey” by dressing up as Daisy Mason, the ambitious and spirited kitchen maid turned assistant cook. Our costume guide FAQ will help you recreate Daisy’s early 20th-century servant attire, capturing her humble beginnings and her growth throughout the series. Let’s explore how to craft her period-appropriate costume and embody her determined character.

Daisy Mason's outfit reflects her role as a kitchen maid and later an assistant cook in the early 1900s. Essential components include a plain, long-sleeved, calf-length dress in a solid, muted color like grey or brown, a white apron with a bib, and a white mob cap. Her costume is completed with simple, lace-up, ankle-height boots and minimal to no jewelry, reflecting her status as a servant in the household.

Daisy's hairstyle is simple and practical, often styled in a low bun or tucked under her mob cap. Use a wig or style your own hair to create a neat, low bun, ensuring it fits comfortably under a mob cap. The focus is on practicality and neatness, in line with the appearance of a servant in the early 20th century.

The material for Daisy's dress should be simple and durable, like cotton or a cotton blend, in a plain, muted color. The apron should be white and made of a sturdy, washable fabric, as it would have been subjected to kitchen wear and tear. The apron should have a bib and tie around the waist.

Key accessories for a Daisy Mason costume include her white mob cap, which is a staple for female servants of the time. Her shoes should be simple, black, lace-up boots, typical of the early 20th-century working class. Accessories should be minimal, reflecting her role as a servant.

To capture Daisy Mason's essence, focus on her ambitious, hardworking nature and her journey of self-discovery and growth. Daisy is often seen as eager to learn and improve her life. Some phrases or traits to embody include: "I won't always be a scullery maid.," "I want to make something of my life.," Her eagerness to learn new cooking techniques and recipes., Her evolving views on society and her place in it and A blend of naivety and determination that marks her character's growth. These traits and phrases showcase Daisy's development from a simple kitchen maid to a more complex and ambitious character, making them perfect for bringing your portrayal of her to life.

About Daisy Mason

Daisy had a tough, dysfunctional childhood. She received only free compulsory education up to the age of 10. She started using an electronic mixer in the kitchen to the displeasure of Mrs. Patmore, who does not trust modern kitchen gadgets. One of the highlights of her character in the show was her love story with William Mason, one of the footmen at Downton Abbey. She couldn’t reciprocate William’s love and devotion for her and was even hesitant to marry William when he was in his deathbed following the war.

She eventually did and became William’s war widow, which he wanted to give Daisy something to fall back on even after his death. Sophie McShera, the English actress who played Daisy, received a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

Daisy Mason

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