How to Dress Like D.W.

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Pink Flare Dress
White Long Sleeve Shirt
Animal Ears
Women's Tight
Brown Hair Wig
Flat Shoes

Best D.W. Costume Guide

Dora Winifred “D.W.” Read is the younger sister of Arthur and the older sister of Kate on the animated show, Arthur. The anthropomorphic aardvark is typically shown with a brown bob haircut, pink dress, and light blue mary jane shoes. It’s basically her job to annoy her brother, Arthur since she is his little sister. The two have an on-going relationship annoying each other. D.W. can be quite bratty and a drama queen, which is why she and Arthur don’t tend to get along too often. Get the look of Arthur’s little sister with this D.W. Read costume guide.

D.W. normally wears the same feminine outfit, and you can cosplay the same look to make D.W. your next Halloween costume or cosplay outfit! Start with a White Long Sleeve Shirt underneath a Pink Flare Dress. Finish the outfit with White Tights with Flat Shoes. Get the D.W. hairstyle with a Short Brown Wig and a pair of Animal Ears on top!

D.W. Cosplay Costumes

D.W. Read from the show Arthur has a style that isn’t too difficult to recreate. Get the look of the sometimes bratty pre-schooler with a short brown wig at a costume shop. Since D.W. is an aardvark, you’ll also need to add a pair of animal ears on top of the wig. Take a look in your closet or a nearby thrift store for the white shirt, pink dress, white tights, and light blue shoes to pull the entire outfit together! D.W.’s style is so cute and feminine, it’s the perfect outfit to cosplay.

Annoy your own brother or another friend dressed as Arthur Read and a gal pal of yours to dress as baby Kate! You’ll have all of the Read siblings together and a complete group costume! Send us a picture of your family outfit to make it in as a featured look in the D.W. costume gallery!

D.W. Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a nostalgic journey with our detailed costume guide FAQ for D.W. Read from the beloved children’s show “Arthur.” This section will assist you in recreating the look of Arthur’s spirited younger sister, D.W., known for her sassy personality and distinct style. Whether for a themed event or a playful cosplay, these FAQs will help you capture D.W.’s unique charm and appearance.

D.W.'s signature outfit is both iconic and simple. It consists of a white long-sleeved blouse with frilled edges, a pink jumper dress, white socks, and red and white sneakers. These elements combine to create her recognizable and charming look, reflecting her youthful and sometimes mischievous personality.

D.W. has short, auburn hair styled in a bob cut with a full fringe. To achieve this, you can either style your own hair if it's similar in length and color or opt for a wig that matches her hairstyle. The key is to maintain the neat, straight-across bangs and the rounded shape of her bob.

For D.W.'s shoes, choose simple red sneakers with white soles and laces. Classic low-top canvas sneakers work well for this. If you can't find an exact match, consider customizing a pair of white sneakers with red fabric paint or look for children's sneakers, which often come in bright colors.

To add authenticity to your D.W. costume, consider carrying a plush toy of her pet parrot, "Spanky," or a copy of her favorite book, "Crazy Bus." These props highlight key aspects of her character and interests in the show.

D.W. is known for her witty and sometimes sassy remarks. Including some of her memorable quotes can really enhance your cosplay. Here are a few: "That's a baby show!," "I'm telling Mom!," "You're not in charge of me!," "I'll be four years old for the rest of my life!" and "This is so unfair!." These quotes capture D.W.'s spirited and assertive personality, making your portrayal more authentic and fun.

About D.W.

Dora Winifred “D.W.” Read is the sassy and intelligent younger sister of Arthur Read appearing on the animated television show, Arthur. D.W.’s favorite thing to do on the show is to annoy her older brother, and she is very good at it! D.W. is a smart girl, but sometimes she makes attempts to use words beyond her preschool vocabulary that do not fit into a conversation she’s trying to have. She sometimes gets into trouble because she can be overly gullible and easily tricked into doing things she shouldn’t do.

Even though D.W. and Arthur fight over the television the majority of the time, the two love and care for each other more than they will ever say. D.W. personally loves unicorns and plush dolls, but don’t get a tomato too close to her because she can’t stand to eat them!


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