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Best D.Va Costume Guide

Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment has a number of characters worth cosplaying and D.Va definitely one of them. As a former professional gamer, she was recruited by the South Korean government as a mech pilot to combat an omnic invasion. If looking going for a hot video game character to cosplay at a convention, this guide can show you how to pull off D.Va’s look.

Suit up in an authentic D.Va Costume, a pair of D.Va Costume Boots, a Long Wavy Wig, D.Va Headset, and an Overwatch D.Va Handgun. Cap off her look with some pink face paint for her distinct facial markings and a D.VA & Meka to help sell your look.

D.Va Cosplay Costumes

While you’re welcome to invest the time into the perfect D.Va cosplay, there are far simpler and more cost effective options. For less than $20, you can snag an Overwatch t-shirt in D.Va’s colors. Pair it with a pair of denim shorts and a D.Va headset and your look will be nearly as effective. You can get a faux headset online. You can spray paint the headset to easily make it the color of your choice. Pink face paint from any costume shop will take care of her signature markings.

Group cosplay for Overwatch characters is a cinch. You can include game-mates like Hanzo, Sombra, Mercy, McCree, or Tracer. If you’re still stuck for style ideas, check out the other video game costume guides. If you’ve already nailed this look, submit pictures of your best D.Va look!

D.Va Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the dynamic world of Overwatch with our D.Va costume guide FAQ. As a fan-favorite character, D.Va, known for her competitive gaming skills and mech-piloting abilities, has a distinct style that’s both vibrant and iconic. This guide will assist fans and cosplayers in recreating D.Va’s unique look, perfect for those seeking to capture the essence of this spirited and formidable Overwatch hero.

D.Va's outfit is a blend of a futuristic pilot suit and gamer flair. The primary element is her signature blue and pink bodysuit, featuring white accents and her rabbit logo. The suit is often complemented by a pair of white gloves and a headset with a microphone. D.Va's look is sleek, colorful, and unmistakably tied to her character in the game.

To create D.Va's bodysuit, start with a base of a tight-fitting jumpsuit or leotard in blue. Add pink and white details using fabric paint or sewn-on patches. The rabbit logo is a crucial detail and can be added to the chest area of the suit.

D.Va wears white boots with pink details that match her bodysuit. If you can't find an exact match, modify a pair of white boots using pink fabric paint or adhesive materials to replicate the design.

Essential accessories for a D.Va costume include her pink headset with a microphone, which is a nod to her gaming background. Additionally, carrying a toy replica of her Light Gun can add to the authenticity of the costume. D.Va's known for her love of gaming, so adding playful, game-related items can enhance the character portrayal.

To enrich your portrayal of D.Va, include some of her memorable catchphrases and actions, such as: "I play to win!," "Nerf this!," "Winky face!," and "D.Va online!." These quotes and actions capture D.Va's competitive spirit, her in-game abilities, and her youthful, energetic personality, making them perfect for a convincing portrayal.

About D.Va

A hero in the Blizzard Entertainment video game Overwatch, D.Va is a mech pilot in a special force charged with stopping an incoming invasion. Her mech is agile and D.Va pilots it seamlessly. Together they overcome obstacles and plow over their enemies. With Fusion Cannons for short range attacks, they attack their adversaries with precision sending them from the battlefield scurrying.

D.Va is a formidable opponent despite her young age. Taunting her enemies on the battlefield, she lures them in and then destroys them with no mercy. Cocky and self assured, she has an egotistical side to her because she knows she’s that good. That aside, she is very loyal to her fans willing to thank them after defeating a worthy enemy. With a prior career in professional gaming, you will find that D.Va often references video games in daily conversation and particularly in battle.


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