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The Doom Patrol web series is part of the DC Universe and is based on comics by the same name. The series focuses on the outcasts of the superhero world and attempts to make them better heroes. Often labeled as “World’s Strangest Heroes,” the original comic book series has been revitalized into a modern-day web series by DC Comics. Victor Stone, or Cyborg, is a vigilante and member of the Doom Patrol.

After a tragic chemical accident when he was younger, Victor’s father was able to save him by replacing the destroyed body parts with cybernetic implants. A superhero now due in part to being primarily replaced by robotic parts. With his new life also brought powers that he begins to use for good to fight crime on the streets. These new powers include technopathy, shield generation, image protection, enhanced strength, automated repair, and weapon systems. Get the look of the robotic superhero with this Cyborg costume guide. Dress up like Cyborg with a Tracksuit, Cyborg T-Shirt, Cyborg Hands, a pair of Air Jordan 1, and Cyborg Mask.

Cyborg Cosplay Costumes

Victor’s parents were both scientists and used him as a test subject. Their goal was to enhance a person’s intelligence and IQ by using scientific methods. These ended up being somewhat successful, but Victor was resistant to being a test subject. He’s more passionate about sports than school, much to the disappointment of his parents. He doesn’t care, though. As he gets older, he strives to become more independence from them. This ultimately leads to getting in trouble with the police. However, it’s due to a catastrophic accident with his parents’ experiment that his dad must implant cybernetic implants to save his life.

Although a Cyborg cosplay would be cool enough on its own, there’s no harm in bringing a couple friends with you! Call up friends who are DC Universe fans. Have them dress up as Jane, Rita Farr, Mr. Nobody, Cliff Steele, Larry Trainor, and The Chief. If you do put together a Doom Patrol group cosplay, submit an entry of the finished look into the annual Halloween Costume Contest!

About Cyborg

Victor Stone is the son of Silas and Elinore Stone, two scientists from Detroit. He met The Chief at the age of six, but didn’t think much of it. His parents always seemed to disapprove of whatever Victor wanted to do on his own. Though he would much rather be playing football his parents think he should be out socializing. The disagreements between him and his parents resulted in his disinterest in school. As a result, his grades begin dropping. He gets in trouble with some of his friends. 

One day, Vic is arguing with his mom in her lab and throws some chemicals in a fit of rage. This causes an explosion that kills his mother and badly injures him. Luckily, his father finds him and takes him to S. T. A. R. Labs where he uses cybernetic technology to save his life. The Chief visits him again shortly after his recovery and offers him a place at Cloverton, but Victor decides he’d much rather take to a life of vigilante crime-fighting as a member of the Doom Patrol. 


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