How to Dress Like Crimson Viper

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Crimson Viper Costume Guide
Black Pants
Fingerless Gloves
White Button Up Shirt
Black Blazer
Red Wig
Aviator Sunglasses
Purple Tie
Black Heeled Boots

Best Crimson Viper Halloween Costume Guide

Crimson Viper, often known as C. Viper, is a character from the mega-popular Street Fighter video game series. She is also sometimes known as her other alias, Maya. She first appeared in Street Fighter IV as one of the starting characters in the lineup. She was also featured in Street Fighter V. Crimson poses as an S.I.N. worker, but it is later revealed that she is a double agent working for the CIA.

Her specially designed suit allows her to perform electrical, seismic and pyrotechnic moves despite only being a human character. Due to her broad range of abilities, she features as a boss character in Street Fighter X Mega Man. If you want to get the look of the secret agent Crimson Viper, you’ll need to get yourself a Black Blazer, Black Pants, White Button Up Shirt, Purple Tie, Red Wig, Aviator Sunglasses, Black Heeled Boots, and Fingerless Gloves.


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