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The Creeper is a monster who eats humans in the horror film, Jeepers Creepers. The creature hunts every 23 years for 23 days in the spring. Afterward, The Creeper hibernates until it’s time to kill again. The Creeper seeks humans and eats their specific organs to replace its own damaged or aged organs. They use the scent of fear from victims when deciding which organ to harvest. In the film, his first victim is Darry Jenner, who was with his sister, Trish. The Creeper hunted the two all over town and ended when the creature finally killed Darry. The Creeper then took his eyes and ate them.

Get the look of this demonic monster with the Creeper costume guide. This guide will ensure that you will be the best Creeper cosplayer. To do so, you will need the Creeper’s Hat, Creeper’s Mask, Cowboy Coat, Red Long Sleeve, and Dementor Hands. The Spear Axe completes the look.

Creeper Cosplay Costumes

The Creeper’s body is covered with dark green scales and has prominent jowls that make his face look like it’s stretched downwards. He has a set of sharp, needle-like teeth which is exceptionally useful in gnawing on his human prey. His hands and feet protrude with bird-like talons while his arms have bat-like wings that can be folded and hidden under his coat. He is nearly bald except for a thatch of white hair clinging to the back of his neck. He hides his horrifying appearance with a trench coat, a wide-brimmed hat, and heavy boots.

In the third movie, Jeepers Creepers 3, he was seen wearing a red sweater. The film didn’t reveal his exact age or origins, but it was estimated that he could be hundreds of years old. This step-by-step Creeper guide set has everything you need for an epic cosplay. But, if you want, you can still complement the look with a red bandanna to wear around your neck.

About Creeper

The Jeepers Creepers franchise portrayed The Creeper as an intelligent being. He employs tactics to scare his victims more, making it easier for him to smell their fears. The creature also demonstrated a twisted creative side—he sews skins and bodies together to form grotesque artwork, which he places on his walls and ceilings. The Creeper also has medical knowledge displayed by his ability to cut open the humans and sew them up to keep them alive. The Creeper does have his flaws, which led to his downfall. He is not aware of time and thus couldn’t tell when his 23 days was up.

Actor Jonathan Breck played the part of The Creeper by scaring the heck out of the filmmakers. During his audition, he mimicked the way the creature gets in the face of his victims and sniffs them to know which body part he wants to eat.


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