Polo Shirt
Aluminum Pan
White Out Crazy Contact lenses
Saltwater Chino
Brown Full Beard
Casual Jean Belt
Norwalk Sneaker
Men's Big Belly
PvZ Peashooter Plush

Best Crazy Dave Costume Guide

As a character starring in the popular game series, Plants vs. Zombies, David Blazing, better known as Crazy Dave, acts as somewhat of a narrator for the game if you choose adventure mode. As you go through the game, he takes it upon himself to introduce new levels and weapons as well as explain how the mini-games are played. Before he can tell you what Dr. Zomboss’ weakness is, Crazy Dave gets abducted by a Bungee Zombie and you have to figure it out all on your own. Get the look of the pot headed narrator with this Crazy Dave costume guide.

Cosplay Crazy Dave by wearing an Aluminum pan, Brown Full Beard, Polo Shirt, Saltwater Chino, Casual Jean Belt, and Norwalk Sneaker. Finally, get White Out Crazy Contact lenses, Men’s Big Belly to put underneath your shirt, and a PvZ Peashooter Plush Toy to really match the look of Crazy Dave.

Crazy Dave Cosplay Costumes

It’s pretty easy to get the look of Crazy Dave if that’s the costume you’re wanting this Halloween. All his clothing items are pretty standard like the men’s polo shirt, saltwater chinos, sneakers, and belt. You can most likely find these in your closet or perhaps borrow them from a friend. Accessorizing with an aluminum pan can be done quite easily, but you may need to purchase the brown full beard if you don’t have one already. You’ll also need to grab a fake big belly (or just a simple pillow) to strap around yourself.

If you’ve ever played the Plants vs Zombies games, you know there are creatures you fight against in the game that will make awesome costumes. It may take a bit of creativity to come up with costumes for all the creepy creatures in the game! We’d love to see the Crazy Dave costume you put together by following this cosplay guide. Take a few photos of your Crazy Dave cosplay so we can display them for others to see on Costume Wall!

Crazy Dave Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the quirky and fun world of “Plants vs. Zombies” with our costume guide FAQ for Crazy Dave, the eccentric, pot-wearing neighbor and ally in the fight against zombies. Known for his zany personality and signature style, Crazy Dave’s outfit is as unique as his character. In this guide, we’ll cover the essential elements of his look and offer insights on how to embody the spirit of this beloved character, perfect for fans who want to bring some wacky charm to their costume repertoire.

Crazy Dave's outfit is characterized by its simplicity and eccentricity. The most notable element is the saucepan he wears on his head, symbolizing his quirky nature. He typically wears a white lab coat, which is slightly oversized and unkempt. Underneath, Crazy Dave sports a plain or lightly patterned shirt and casual pants. His look is completed with a scruffy beard and wide-eyed, enthusiastic expression. Occasionally, Crazy Dave is seen with gardening gloves, emphasizing his love for plants and gardening.

To replicate Crazy Dave's signature saucepan headwear, find a clean, medium-sized saucepan or a replica, and wear it securely on your head. For the lab coat, choose a white, somewhat oversized coat that looks a bit worn to mimic his disheveled appearance. The lab coat should have a few pockets, typical of a gardener or a scientist.

Crazy Dave's shirt can be a simple, light-colored button-up with a subtle pattern or plain design. The pants should be casual and comfortable, like khakis or simple trousers. The key is to keep the attire basic and functional, as Crazy Dave's character is more focused on his gardening and inventions than fashion.

Aside from the saucepan and lab coat, essential accessories for Crazy Dave's costume include gardening gloves, which can be any simple, sturdy gloves used for gardening. Adding a fake scruffy beard, if you don't already have one, can enhance the authenticity of the character, along with adopting a wide-eyed, excited expression.

To enhance your portrayal of Crazy Dave, consider incorporating some of his quirky mannerisms and nonsensical speech patterns. Memorable quotes like "Blaarrgh!" or his enthusiastic ramblings about plants and zombies can bring the character to life. Emphasizing his unpredictable behavior, his passion for plants, and his humorous interactions will add depth to your cosplay. Crazy Dave is a character beloved for his wackiness and his unorthodox approach to defending against zombies, making him a fun and engaging character to portray.

About Crazy Dave

Besides just being the occasional narrator for the game, David Blazing runs a shop called Crazy Dave’s Twiddydinkies from the back of his car. You can access this after you find Crazy Dave’s car keys in level 3 or 4 of the Plants vs Zombie game. He sells plant upgrades, Zen Garden items, and extra defenses to help you navigate through the game. It’s not known if Dave actually has a house that he stays in. Many believe he may just live out of his car.

Another little tidbit about Crazy Dave is that he’s rarely seen without a pot on his head! Crazy Dave is actually based off the real-life game designer and former PopCap employee, David Rohrl. He’s acknowledged with special thanks in the game credits of Plants vs Zombies. Dave also oddly eats food off the ground and it’s ashamed of it.

Crazy Dave

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