How to Dress Like Crackshot from Fortnite

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Crackshot Costume
Light Washed Jeans
Military Belt
Toy Scar
Shin Guards
Leg Gun Holster
Black Boots

Best Crackshot Costume Guide

In Fortnite Battle Royale, your characters are essentially all be the same, but you have the option to dress your player in a huge variety of cool skins – outfits which change the appearance but offer no other gameplay advantage. They are classified by their rarity – Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon or Common. The Crackshot skin falls into the Legendary category and belongs to the Merry Christmas set which was available for a limited time only during December 2017 and January 2018.

A strange looking skin which resembles an old-style wooden child’s toy, this skin has the slogan “Get out there and…crack some nuts.” Other items in the set are a harvesting tool called You Shouldn’t Have, and a glider named Cozy Coaster. If you want to become this cool Fortnite skin, you’ll need a Crackshot Costume, Light Washed Jeans, Military Belt, Black Boots, Shin Guards, Leg Gun Holster, and Toy Scar.

Crackshot Cosplay Costumes

Fortnite is such a worldwide phenomenon that literally has millions of people around the world hooked. Due to its incredible popularity, you’re sure to be recognized if you attend an event dressed as Crackshot, this special Christmas skin. Everybody is loving Fortnite right now, so don’t get left out of the fun – start cosplaying some of your favorite skins today!

For those who love the game, you’ll know that you need a little help from your friends to get by – so how about inviting them to get in on the cosplay action with you too. At Costume Wall we have a huge range of Fortnite themed costume ideas and more are being added regularly. Check out our guides for other skins like TekniqueRedlineRaptorSurvival SpecialistCuddle Team Leader, Rust LordPower Chord, or the Halloween special Skull Trooper.

Crackshot Costume Tips & FAQs

Gear up to bring to life Crackshot, the iconic Nutcracker-themed skin from the popular video game Fortnite. Our specialized costume guide FAQ is tailored to help you recreate Crackshot’s distinctive and whimsical look. Discover how to assemble a costume that captures the unique blend of the classic Nutcracker soldier and Fortnite’s vibrant style.

Crackshot's outfit is known for its bright and festive Nutcracker theme. Key elements include a red and black Nutcracker uniform with gold trim and buttons, a tall black hat with a white plume, and a distinctive Nutcracker face mask or makeup. The ensemble is completed with a pair of black boots and a gold crown emblem on the hat.

To replicate Crackshot's Nutcracker face, you can either use a full-face Nutcracker mask or apply face paint. If using face paint, emphasize the wide, painted-on smile, rosy cheeks, and strong jawline typical of a Nutcracker. For the eyes, use black paint to create the illusion of large, round Nutcracker eyes.

Crackshot's costume features a tall, cylindrical black hat reminiscent of a traditional Nutcracker soldier's hat. The hat should have a wide brim and be adorned with a white plume and a gold crown emblem at the front. You can create this hat using craft materials or modify an existing tall black hat.

Yes, Crackshot's uniform is detailed and should include red and black coloration with gold trim and buttons down the front. Include epaulets on the shoulders, and if possible, add decorative elements like gold tassels or trim to enhance the festive, military look.

To capture the essence of Crackshot from Fortnite, adopt dynamic and playful poses typical of the game's characters. You can mimic holding a weapon or doing a popular Fortnite dance move. Emphasize a confident, exaggerated soldier-like stance, keeping in mind Crackshot's playful and menacing character.

About Crackshot

Fortnite Battle Royale is a phenomenally successful co-operative survival game from Epic Games, which has the world logging on and joining the fun at an almost unprecedented rate. While not even the original purpose of the Fortnite game, which was initially a zombie shooter game, the Battle Royal has well and truly taken over and now leads the way in that genre of game.

We know you’ve played the game, but if you haven’t, give it a try! You’ll be one of 100 players who parachute onto an island and gather weapons, gear and try to work together to last as long as you can. If you’re the last one standing, you’re the winner. Cosplay fans also love that there are a large number of skins you can purchase in the game – an outfit that changes the appearance of your character. With more and more skins being added to the game cycles through season after season, there is always a bunch of fun cosplay options for you to explore.


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