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Rice Krispies is a favorite breakfast cereal by Kelloggs. They’re probably most well known because of their three mascots found on the boxes and advertising. Snap, Crackle, and Pop were initially created by an illustrator named Vernon Grant in the early 1930s. He based his characters off the original radio ad played around the same time. They have been since redesigned multiple times over the years, but Vernon’s character design is still apparent.

Crackle is the middle child of the brothers. He likes joking around and having fun and is typically a lousy influence on Pop, while his older brother, Snap, wants to focus on getting the work done. He usually wears a sleeping cap instead of a chef’s toque along with a blue shirt. To transform into Crackle, you’re going to need to dress up in a Light Blue Jacket, Blue Jeans, White Bandana, Red and White Beanie, Elf Ears, Yellow Circle Stickers, and Red Sneakers.

Crackle Cosplay Costumes

The original design of the three brothers was meant to give the appearance of elderly gnomes. With their long noses and oversized ears, they were seen as hard-working men. By the 1940s, the characters were updated to look a lot younger. They appeared more baby-faced with their round features and rosy cheeks. However, that didn’t last either. Almost every decade, the characters have been redesigned ever so slightly to appeal to younger audiences. Yet, Crackle still has distinct elf and gnome features from the original design. 

Crackle can’t make Rice Krispies without his brothers Snap and Pop! Make your cosplay complete by having some friends join you as the loveable trio. Whether you want this look to be for your kids, your siblings, or just friends, you’re bound to have a sweet time! Just put on your chef’s toque and get cooking!

Crackle Costume Tips & FAQs

Welcome to the enchanting realm of cereal mascots, where our costume guide FAQ shines the spotlight on Crackle, the beloved character from Rice Krispies. Crackle, together with Snap and Pop, forms a dynamic trio known for their magical sounds that have delighted generations at breakfast time. This guide is meticulously crafted to assist you in embodying Crackle’s vibrant persona, whether for a festive occasion, promotional activities, or simply for the joy of cosplay, capturing the essence of this animated and joyful character.

Crackle's ensemble is easily recognizable by its distinctive colors and style, embodying the middle character of the Rice Krispies trio. His attire typically includes a red and white striped top, a blue or red bandana around the neck, a red or blue cap with his name emblazoned on it, and white or light-colored pants. He sports large, round, black shoes to complete his look. His costume exudes a mix of playfulness and readiness for culinary adventure.

To replicate Crackle's cap, start with a red or blue baseball cap as the base. You can use fabric paint or iron-on letters to add "Crackle" to the cap. Choose a font that matches the whimsical and bold style seen in the character's depiction. Ensuring the name stands out is key to capturing Crackle's energetic spirit.

Crackle is often portrayed with a wide, engaging smile and sparkling eyes, highlighting his exuberant nature. To achieve his look, consider using makeup to enhance your smile and create bright, expressive eyes. Adding rosy cheeks can also bring a touch of liveliness to your portrayal. If you wish to include elf-like features, such as pointed ears, elf ear tips can be a simple addition.

Enhance your Crackle costume with props that reflect his role as a beloved cereal icon. Ideas include a faux Rice Krispies box, a colorful mixing spoon, or a prop microphone to symbolize his role in creating the cereal's signature sounds. These accessories can help communicate Crackle's connection to the Rice Krispies brand and his playful personality.

While Crackle may not have specific lines, his essence is captured through the joyous "Snap, Crackle, and Pop" melody associated with the cereal. Mimic the act of listening to the crackling sounds of Rice Krispies in milk, showing delight and surprise at the magical sounds. You could also interact with others by inviting them to enjoy a "crackling good breakfast" or by exclaiming, "Let's make some noise with Rice Krispies!" Adopting a cheerful and energetic demeanor will bring Crackle's character to life.

About Crackle

Crackle is part of the mascot team for the Kellogg cereal Rice Krispies. Kellogg first created it in 1927 and released it in 1928. Everyone knows the distinct sound of the cereal, the crackling and popping when mixed with milk. During the 1930s, Kellogg began working on marketing campaigns to get the cereal’s name out into the world. They created a radio ad and printed the words Snap, Crackle, and Pop on the boxes. All this led the artist Vernon Grant working with the company to design three iconic mascots who would take those fun names.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop are three brothers designed after elves and gnomes. The eldest is Snap, followed by Crackle and Pop. Being the middle child, Crackle likes to have as much fun as possible. He has a great sense of humor and probably gets Pop to join him in some pranks. He’s the shortest of the three but doesn’t let that stop him from lending a hand.


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