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Eddie Johnson, or more popularly known as “Cousin Eddie,” is a recurring character played by Randy Quaid from the popular movie series National Lampoon’s Vacation. National Lampoon was an American humor magazine that ran from the 1970s to the late 1990s. The movie franchise was a spinoff from the magazine. Within the National Lampoon movie franchise was a popular movie series that focused on various vacations, aptly named National Lampoon’s Vacation. Originally based on a short story written by film director John Hughes, “Vacation ’58” was the start of the vacation series. Known from his appearance in the Christmas Vacation movie, Cousin Eddie is unemployed.

Get the look of the jovial layabout with this complete Cousin Eddie costume guide. To get yourself Cousin Eddie’s look, you’ll need a spa robe, a white belt, a Cousin Eddie hat, black socks, and a pair of dress shoes. Don’t forget to complement the look with a fake cigar and beer can.

Cousin Eddie Cosplay Costumes

The main characters of National Lampoon’s Vacation are Clark and Ellen Griswold, along with their children Audrey and Russ. They’re a well-to-do family who has enough resources to go on big vacations every so often, be it Christmas or Summer. Cousin Eddie, though called as such, is a cousin-in-law of Ellen as he’s married to her cousin Catherine. They, along with their children, Rocky and Ruby Sue, live on the opposite end of the Griswold family. Where the Griswolds live in a snobby neighborhood and are portrayed as “posh,” Cousin Eddie’s family, the Johnsons, live in a much different neighborhood and are often portrayed as “rednecks.”

In Christmas Vacation, Cousin Eddie and his whole family show up to the Griswold’s home in an RV. Vacations are never fun alone! So, call your family and friends and get them to dress up like the Griswolds or the Johnsons. They can be anyone from Clark, Ellen, Russ, Audrey, Catherine, Rocky, or even Ruby Sue.

Cousin Eddie Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the comical and eccentric world of Cousin Eddie from the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” series with our entertaining costume guide FAQ. Get ready to embody the unforgettable and often outrageous character of Eddie, as we guide you through the essentials for recreating his unique and humorous look, answering your questions about crafting a costume that captures his quirky and unforgettable personality.

Cousin Eddie's outfit is a mix of casual, outdated, and often tacky clothing, reflecting his lack of concern for fashion and social norms. Essential components typically include a white robe or a leisure suit, a tacky, patterned turtleneck or a sleeveless sweater, and short shorts or slacks. He's often seen wearing a white belt and white shoes, which add to his distinctive, offbeat style.

Cousin Eddie's hairstyle is short, often unkempt, and slightly receding. If your hair doesn't naturally match this, consider a short, slightly messy wig. As for accessories, Eddie is known for his white loafer shoes and often sports a cheap, old baseball cap. He's also occasionally seen with large, outdated sunglasses.

Cousin Eddie's footwear is typically white loafers, which complement his often white belt and add to the overall tacky and mismatched look. These shoes should appear worn and not too polished.

To enhance the authenticity of a Cousin Eddie costume, consider including props like a beer can or a cigar, as these items are frequently associated with his character. Another iconic prop is the hose from the infamous RV scene, though this may be more suitable for a themed party or event than for general costume wear.

Cousin Eddie is known for his clueless yet confident demeanor and his bizarre statements. Memorable quotes and characteristics that can enhance your portrayal include: "Shitter was full!," "You know, I've always wanted to go camping." and Mimicking his rustic, uninhibited mannerisms and his bold, carefree attitude. Incorporating these elements into your portrayal can help you capture the essence of Cousin Eddie's character, making your costume more entertaining and true to the spirit of "National Lampoon's Vacation."

About Cousin Eddie

After arriving at the Griswold’s home unannounced, Cousin Eddie admits that the RV is not just an RV. It’s where the Johnson family has been living since Eddie lost his job. He says the family has been bankrupt and forced to sell their house and land. Because of this, Clark offers to buy Rock and Ruby Sue, Cousin Eddie’s children, gifts for Christmas so that they can still enjoy the holiday despite the unfortunate events they’ve had to endure.

Cousin Eddie repays Clark’s kindness by kidnapping Clark’s boss and bringing him to Clark to confront him about his lackluster Christmas bonus. This altercation and the events that follow after make for a particularly memorable Christmas for everyone, complete with SWAT teams and police interventions. Cousin Eddie might have gotten most airtime in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie, but he also made an appearance, along with his family, in the first National Lampoon’s Vacation movie!

Cousin Eddie

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