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Coraline Costume Guide
Rain Coat
Blue Pants
Rain Boots
Blue Hair Wig
Messenger Bag
Key Prop
Dragonfly Hair Clip

Best Coraline Costume Guide

Prepare for a trip to a dark realm when Coraline Jones and her parents relocate from Pontiac, Michigan to the family’s new home in Oregon in the2009 movie. The new address is a run-down block of apartments that doesn’t do justice to the misleading name—Pink Palace. Caroline, left to her own devices to explore her new home as her parents are always busy at work, comes across a black cat and a character named Wyborne “Wybie” Lovat and is given a ragdoll that looks strangely like her. She ends up in another dimension in that old apartment that is known as the Other World. She meets doppelgangers of people from her real world. Trapped, she is locked in by her sinister and horrifying Other Mother who is determined never to let her escape. Get the look of the skeptical 11-year-old with this Coraline costume guide.

Cosplay as Coraline by dressing up in a Rain Coat, Blue Pants, Rain Boots, and Blue Hair Wig. You’ll also need a Messenger Bag, Key Prop, and Dragonfly Hair Clip to get the look just right.

Coraline Cosplay Costumes

A twisted combination of The Twilight Zone, Tales of the Macabre, and American Horror Story with a seemingly innocent beginning and that could have passed off as the beginning to Alice in Wonderland. This, unfortunately for Coraline, is where the similarity ends and the stark, horrifying reality of nightmares turns real. After being lured to an alternate dimension of the Other World within her new home, Coraline meets the Other World replicas of her neighbors, ominous figures like a black cat, a sinister ragdoll that looks just like her. She also encounters her Other World father and, worst of all, her sinister Other Mother. It’s certainly unexpected living hell that she can’t seem to escape from!

For those who wish to take a trip down the dark corridor at the Pink Palace, dare yourself and your friends to cosplay the costumes of the dreaded doppelganger characters in Coraline’s perfectly frightful, Other World.

About Coraline

Coraline, the 2009 stop-motion dark fantasy film, is an adaptation from the spectacular 2002 novel by Neil Gaiman. Coraline Jones, voiced by Dakota Fanning, moves across the country with her family to a run-down apartment building. Soon, she finds a mysterious door that contains a parallel world that closely mirrors her real world, but in some ways is much better. She is happy to stay until her horrifying Other Mother tries to keep her there forever.

The award-winning movie in only recent years has achieved cult status. From the same director as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline contains vivid stop-motion animation with an incredibly imaginative story. Coraline is a film that is visually stunning with its intricate stop-motion effects but is also wondrously entertaining when an 11-year-old sets off on an adventure beyond her years.


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