How to Dress Like Connie Maheswaran

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Connie Maheswaran Costume Guide
Brown Floppy Hat
Long Curly Brown Wig
Circle Frame Clear Lens Glasses
Mint Satin Ribbon
Mint Clip On Bow Tie
Yellow Knee High Socks
"Rose" Pink Sword
White Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Orange Boots
Mint Slim Skirt

Best Connie Maheswaran Costume Guide

We always like a girl who is ready to help her friends and take on any adventure she comes across, and that’s why we enjoy watching Connie Maheswaran on the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. Connie first appeared on the show in the episode Bubble Buddies and has been the best friend of Steven Universe ever since. Even though she has a headstrong attitude, she keeps her girlish style.

Get Connie’s look with a Long Curly Brown Wig, a white Short Sleeve T-Shirt, a Mint Slim Skirt, a Mint Satin Ribbon, a Mint Clip On Bow Tie, Yellow Knee High Socks, and a pair of Orange Boots. Get all of Connie’s accessories to match her look with a Brown Floppy Hat, Circle Frame Glasses, and Rose Pink Sword. Don’t let her girly style fool you, she’s down for any adventure!



Connie Maheswaran Cosplay Costumes

You can get the same look as Connie Maheswaran for your next cosplay convention. Most of her style can most likely be found in your closet. Though, you’ll need to add a few pieces here and there to get closer to her style. Recreating Connie’s look is easy and affordable if you follow the few steps in this guide!

Start by grabbing a basic white short sleeve shirt and round glasses out of your costume collection! Add a mint colored bow to the front of your shirt and mint skirt. If you don’t have long brunette hair, put on a long curly brown wig with a floppy hat similar to the one Connie wears on the show Steven Universe. Connie can also be seen wearing yellow knee high socks paired with orange boots. Don’t forget to grab a pink sword because you never quite know when your next adventure will be! Check out the other Connie costumes people have cosplayed in the gallery!

About Connie Maheswaran

Characters in television series aren’t often found without a best friend, and in the animated show Steven Universe, Connie Maheswaran is the best friend of the main character Steven Universe. Connie grew up in a family where she wasn’t allowed to do common childhood activities like pigging out on sweets, so she has made it a point not to mention any of Steven’s hobbies and past times to her parents. Connie cherishes her friendship with Steven and wants to do whatever she can to help him in the world they love so dearly.

Even though Connie has never had an adventurous life, that doesn’t scare her away from Steven’s not-so-boring one. She is enthralled by his Gems and loves to accompany them in all of their adventures. Connie is intelligent, introverted, and is sometimes too curious about certain situations. Connie and Steven both come together to create the fusion Stevonnie.

Connie Maheswaran

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