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Best Commander William Riker Costume Guide

William Thomas “Will” Riker, played by actor Jonathan Frakes, is one of the main characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation television show. His main role has been as the First Officer of the Star Trek Enterprise, serving as Captain Picard’s right-hand man. A bit of a ladies man, Riker is extremely dedicated to the Enterprise, often turning his back on opportunities to captain his own ship. Riker briefly serves as captain, until he accepts command of the USS Titan. Get the look of the arrogant, yet ambitious young officer with this Commander William Riker costume guide.

To cosplay Commander William Riker from Star Trek, you’ll first need an Adhesive Bail Beard. Then, wear a Star Trek Deluxe Costume, 5 Ranking PIPS, Chelsea Boots, Flat Front Dress Pants, and a Beginner Trumpet. It’s an instant Commander William Riker look!

Commander William Riker Cosplay Costumes

William Riker, or as he is frequently referred to by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, “Number One,” really needs no introduction. A popular character for decades who appeared on the hit television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Riker would be instantly recognized as the Enterprise’s First Officer by any Star Trek fan. Do you really need advice for Star Trek cosplay? Probably not. Getting the standard Star Trek uniform is the most essential part. For Commander Riker, you’ll also need a fake beard if you don’t already have one.

There are so many popular Star Trek characters that can cosplay along with you! Accompany a few original Star Trek characters by going with friends dressed up as Spock and James T. Kirk. Jump into your Star Trek costume today and be a proud fan of one of history’s most popular TV shows!

Commander William Riker Costume Tips & FAQs

Engage in the interstellar world of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” with our costume guide FAQ for Commander William Riker. Renowned for his leadership and charisma, Riker is a standout character and a popular choice for cosplayers. This guide aims to assist you in accurately replicating his Starfleet uniform and embodying his confident demeanor, ensuring your portrayal is as commanding and authentic as Riker himself.

Commander Riker's Starfleet uniform is iconic and distinctive. It consists of a black, long-sleeved jumpsuit with a red top section that signifies his position in the command division. The uniform features a communicator badge on the left chest, pips on the collar indicating his rank, and a subtle quilted pattern on the shoulders. Complete the look with black boots that blend seamlessly with the jumpsuit.

Commander Riker is known for his neat and slightly feathered hairstyle. To achieve his look, style your hair (or a wig) to have a slight volume at the top and a clean, side-parted appearance. His hair is medium brown, so choose a wig in a similar shade if your natural hair color is different.

The boots for Commander Riker's uniform should be plain, black, and ankle-high with a minimal heel. They need to be sleek and unadorned to match the professional and utilitarian look of the Starfleet uniform.

Essential to Riker's uniform is the Starfleet communicator badge, which should be placed on the left chest area. The rank pips on the collar are also crucial; as a Commander, Riker typically has three solid pips. Additionally, maintaining a clean-shaven face or a neatly trimmed beard, as Riker sports in later seasons, can add to the authenticity of the costume.

Commander Riker is known for his leadership qualities and witty remarks. Here are some quotes and traits that can enhance your portrayal: "Permission to speak freely, sir.," "One impossible thing at a time." and "Tough call? Those are the chances you take in command." These elements, combined with a confident, yet approachable demeanor, will make your Commander Riker cosplay resonate with authenticity and respect for the character.

About Commander William Riker

Commander William Thomas “Will” Riker is the First Officer of the Star Trek Enterprise, a trusty sidekick toCaptain Jean-Luc Picard. In early episodes of the show, we see Riker as a confident and sometimes arrogant officer who is in a hurry to make a name for himself. Over time though, he finds his place on The Enterprise and grows into a more reliable, serious character. So much so, that when he finally gets to captain the Enterprise in Picard’s absence, we see a more reserved man hesitant to make critical decisions.

By the time the Star Trek story comes to an end, Riker says farewell to his beloved cohorts on The Enterprise to take up the role of captain on his own ship, the USS Titan. Did you know that Riker also started the show clean shaven? By season 2 he had grown the beard we all know and love, and we’re glad he did!

Commander William Riker

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