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Colleen Lunsford is a young nun-in-training in the 2016 dark comedy movie Little Sister. She avoided all contact with her family while she was training to become a nun in a convent in Brooklyn, until her mother sends her an email telling her brother has come home from Iraq. Coleen temporarily lets go of her studies and returns to her childhood home. She discovers that her old room was still exactly as she left it years ago. Her parents were happy to see her, but things became awkward eventually. Plus, her brother was staying at the guesthouse, living like a recluse.

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Colleen Lunsford Cosplay Costumes

Upon her return home, Colleen found herself sucked by in her family’s dysfunctional dynamic. Her mother is depressive and a stoner, also deals with Colleen with hostility. Colleen tries to reconnect with her brother Jacob, who was badly burned at the war and wouldn’t go out of the family guesthouse. She was having no luck, so in desperation, she dresses up in a white nun’s habit, dyes her hair pink, wears black lipstick, and sings for her brother. She wants to make her brother feel that she loves him and not abandoning him.

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Colleen Lunsford Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the complex and intriguing character of Colleen Lunsford from the film “Little Sister” with our costume guide FAQ. Colleen, portrayed as a young nun struggling with her faith and family relationships, presents a unique blend of gothic and religious elements in her attire. Whether for a themed event, film character cosplay, or Halloween, our guide aims to help you accurately recreate Colleen’s distinct look, answering your questions about capturing the essence of her character.

Colleen's outfit primarily consists of a traditional nun's habit, which includes a black tunic, a white coif (head covering), a white wimple (cloth around the neck and chin), and a black veil. The habit is modest and simple, reflecting her religious commitment. In some scenes, Colleen is seen in gothic-inspired casual clothes, reflecting her internal conflicts and past.

As Colleen is a nun, her hair is typically concealed under her habit's coif and veil. However, in scenes where she is out of her habit, she has short to medium-length hair, often styled simply or not at all. For these looks, focus on a natural and understated hairstyle.

For the nun's habit, simple black flats or modest, plain shoes are appropriate. They should be unobtrusive and practical, in line with the traditional attire of a nun. In her casual gothic-inspired attire, Colleen might wear more contemporary and edgy footwear, like combat boots.

When dressed in her nun's habit, Colleen does not wear any conspicuous accessories. However, in her gothic casual attire, she may wear darker, edgier accessories like chokers, bracelets, or rings. These accessories should reflect her more rebellious and conflicted side.

While in her nun's habit, Colleen would likely wear minimal to no makeup, adhering to the modesty expected of her religious role. However, for her gothic casual look, you might consider darker makeup, with emphasis on the eyes, such as black eyeliner or eyeshadow, to reflect her more rebellious, non-conformist aspect.

About Colleen Lunsford

The film is set during President Obama’s first Presidential campaign in October 2008. Jacob was sent to war and returned home a broken person. The family was immensely affected by political decisions made.

Little Sister received positive reviews from critics. It got a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 7 1/10. The website describes the movie as “[subverting] indie drama expectations with a refreshingly off-kilter look at family dynamics that makes its points through solid characterizations and earnest effort.”

Rolling Stone’s Peter Travis stated, “In Little Sister, a skillful blend of humor and heartbreak (minus sappy sentiment), Clark takes us to places and head spaces we don’t see coming. Clark takes the story he concocted with producer Melodie Sisk down dark alleys, but Little Sister is never cynical or inhumane…He’s made a transfixing film about a family that looks touchingly and unnervingly like yours and mine.”

Colleen Lunsford

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