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Clean Up Technician Costume Guide
Rust-Oleum Red Spray Paint
White Hooded Painter's Coverall
UltraSource White Vinyl Apron
Diamond Gloves White Examination Gloves
3M White Respiratory Faceshield
ONGUARD Red Knee Boots
Red Vinyl Fabric

Best Clean Up Technician Costume Guide

Clean Up Technicians from the HBO hit show Westworld play a vital role on the show. Since the hosts are often killed and rebooted, there’s quite a mess left behind that needs to be disposed of quickly. The Clean Up Technicians have a dirty job but wear protective gear to ensure they are not infected with a MRSA infection or any other diseases that could potentially spread.

This cosplay guide provides all the necessary items you need to create your own cleanup costume. To recreate the Clean Up Technicians costume you will need the following gear: White Hooded Painter’s Coveralls, White Vinyl Apron, Red Knee Boots, 3M White Respiratory Faceshield, Rust-Oleum Red Spray Paint, Red Vinyl Fabric (for gathering all of the mess that has been left behind), and White Examination Gloves.

Clean Up Technician Cosplay Costumes

One way to really get people’s minds spinning is to dress in a costume that looks like you are trying to protect yourself rather than catch someone’s attention. The Clean Up Technicians from the HBO show Westworld is just the costume to accomplish that! These characters have one of the most important jobs on the show by keeping Westworld up and running. They protect themselves and each other from infectious diseases.

The Clean Up Technicians must be prepared at all times to clean up and reboot the host after a death and mess that come along with that. The technicians prepare themselves by wearing highly protective gear such as white coveralls, white vinyl aprons, knee high red boots, respiratory face shields, and white examination gloves to ensure they do not come in contact with any infectious diseases. The Clean Up Technicians have a job that is of the upmost importance for Westworld to continue to operate as a top destination.

About Clean Up Technician

Westworld is an HBO series where people called “guests” can take out their issues on androids called “hosts.” The guests are allowed to kill hosts, but not other guests. The hosts are unable to kill guests. The androids unaware that they are part of an alternate reality where they are killed for enjoyment. The hosts are led to believe the guests are new people stumbling upon their town.

Whenever a host is killed, there are workers in the town who are tasked to clean up the mess. These Clean Up Technicians wear fancy suits so they contain all the blood and the tissue from the hosts. The Clean Up Technicians wear the suits for their safety and to keep their identities a secret so the guests do not associate a face with a worker within Westworld. Even though theay do not have names, these Technicians are a crucial part of the show.

Clean Up Technician

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