How to Dress Like Clay Jensen

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Black Hoodie
Black Bow Tie
Burgundy Vest
Slim Fit Jean
Short-Sleeve Oxford Dress Shirt
Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneakers
Gold Name Badge
Walkman Cassette Player

Best Clay Jensen Costume Guide

The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why is based on the 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why written by Jay Asher. The story is based on Clay Jensen and his friend, Hannah Baker, a girl that commits suicide after being demoralized by fellow classmates. Clay uncovers cassette tapes that Hannah recorded with the 13 reasons why she took her life. Clay Jensen goes on a rampage to reveal the truth behind her cruel treatment. Dress up like the character portrayed by Dylan Minnette with this Clay Jensen costume guide.

Cosplay Clay Jensen’s movie theater employee look with a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers, Slim Fit Jeans, Short-Sleeved Oxford Dress Shirt, Black Bow Tie, a Burgundy Vest, and Black Hoodie. If you are dressing for Halloween, a bicycle and a Walkman Cassette Player would make your costume look even better!

Clay Jensen Cosplay Costumes

The book 13 Reasons Why has been adapted into a hit Netflix series. So, the main character, Clay Jensen, is a top character to cosplay! As seen in the series, Clay doesn’t have much variety in his style, but he is completely recognizable in his movie theater uniform. Luckily, you may already own a pair of Chuck Taylors, slim fit jeans, and a black hoodie. These items along with a white oxford shirt and bow tie are easy to find at just about any store. The burgundy vest is one item you may want to purchase online to make sure you one just like Clay’s.

Clay may have been quite the loner on The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, but he wouldn’t be as popular without his friends and foes that appear in the show. Get some of your friends to dress up as characters from the show like Hannah Baker, Justin Foley, and Tony! Send us a picture of your Clay Jensen cosplay to be featured in a Costume Wall gallery!

Clay Jensen Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of Clay Jensen, the introspective and empathetic protagonist from “13 Reasons Why,” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Clay is known for his relatable and understated style, reflective of his thoughtful and sensitive nature. This section is crafted to assist you in capturing the essence of Clay’s everyday look, focusing on his casual yet distinctive wardrobe choices that mirror his character’s journey and personality in the series.

Clay Jensen's style is the epitome of casual teenage fashion. Essential elements include simple graphic or plain t-shirts, often layered with a casual button-up shirt or a hoodie. He typically wears classic blue jeans or casual pants. For footwear, Clay often sports basic sneakers. His look is approachable and unassuming, mirroring his down-to-earth personality.

Clay has a neat, short hairstyle that's easy to manage. It's typically styled in a slightly tousled manner but not overly done. For makeup, the goal is to maintain a natural and clean look. If you want to add more authenticity, especially if depicting scenes from the show, you might consider using makeup to create a subtle bruise or scar, as Clay often finds himself in challenging situations.

Clay's accessories are minimal. A key accessory that stands out is his pair of headphones, which are central to the plot of the series as he listens to the tapes left by Hannah Baker. A simple wristwatch and a backpack for school are also fitting for his character.

Clay often wears clothing that's practical and comfortable, without any specific color theme. He's seen in a lot of neutral colors like blues, greys, and whites. His button-up shirts or hoodies are usually in plain colors or have simple patterns. Staying true to this casual and straightforward style will make your costume more authentic.

Embodying Clay Jensen is more about capturing his quiet, thoughtful demeanor than specific quotes. However, some memorable lines that reflect his character include: "I can't tell what's worse, the things we do or the things we think about doing.," "I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her.," "If my love can kill, I don't love you." and "We can't love someone back to life." These quotes capture Clay's introspective nature and his deep contemplation about the events and relationships in his life. Portraying him with a sense of introspection and sensitivity will add depth to your costume.

About Clay Jensen

Clay Jensen is one of the main characters from the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. When a girl he knows commits suicide, he is distraught but hides it from everyone he knows. His actions toward the girl, Hannah Baker, didn’t go unnoticed. Hannah recorded thirteen cassette tapes explaining why she decided to take her own life, and Clay was one of the people on the tapes.

While Hannah was the one who passed away, Clay struggles with his life as a teenager too. He doesn’t understand why people are so mean to each other and why they can’t help each other instead. He is normally the quiet guy in school, but he’s finally had enough. After listening to Hannah’s cassette tapes, Clay realizes people affected Hannah and doesn’t stop until the truth comes out. He wants everyone to understand why Hannah really decided to take her own life. No one is getting away with anything if Clay Jensen can help it.

Clay Jensen

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