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Clarke Griffin Costume Guide
Distressed Leather Jacket
Stretchy Rider Leggings
Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Wavy Hair Wig
Realistic Fake Blood
Combat Boots

Best Clarke Griffin Halloween Costume Guide

Clarke Griffin is among the original group of 100 delinquents despatched to Earth as a scientific probe to test the viability of rehabilitating it after the ravages of a nuclear holocaust had totally devastated it. Not long after their arrival, the group discovers to their amazement that they are not the only ones inhabiting Earth as a perpetrator had sneaked in and set fires to their camp on one occasion. They manage to capture a girl, Sasha Walgrove, who divulges that others from the Colony had landed on Earth way before the group of 100 arrived. From the moment of this disclosure onwards, Earth becomes the focal point with new arrivals in dropships from the Colony. The race and fight for survival and preservation of the fittest and the smartest take on a new meaning for those marooned here and the new intruders.

Dress for Halloween as Clarke Griffin in Wavy Hair Wigs, Realistic Fake Blood, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Distressed Leather Jacket, Stretchy Rider Leggings and Combat Boots.

Clarke Griffin Cosplay Costumes

Fortunately for Clarke, she had friends amongst the original one hundred who were sent to Earth, namely Octavia Blake and her older brother Bellamy Blake, Wells, and Clarke’s good friend Thalia. This made her situation at least more bearable. With the later discovery that a girl born on Earth named Sasha whose father, Max, leads a sizable colony of inhabitants dwelling beneath the long abandoned, desolate rubble of what was once the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Clarke was thrilled to discover that Max was actually instrumental in providing assistance to her parents only two years before that. This gave her hope that they would still be alive. She also learns that Bellamy and Wells are half-siblings on the paternal side. This revelation comes after Wells makes a surprising discovery that Bellamy is his father’s secret son from an earlier clandestine relationship.

With a host of amazing characters to choose from, Clarke Griffin, Commander Lexa, and her fellow grounders would make great choices to target for group cosplay among friends.

About Clarke Griffin

The post-Apocalyptic sci-fi television series, The 100, on The CW is based on the similarly named sci-fi novel for the young adult’s category by Kass Morgan. The lead character of Clarke Griffin, played by actress Eliza Taylor, is a promising medical student born into a distinctive family, who is part of a contingent of delinquents sent to Earth to test its status as a possibly habitable planet after a nuclear holocaust devastated it a hundred years ago. The pilot episode introducing the main premise of the storyline shows another time frame where Clarke is imprisoned under charges of treason on a colony out in the recesses of space.

Clarke Griffin has been the recipient of highly laudable praise from critics who have generously characterized her as being the integrally unifying central character of dominance in the series. In simple layman’s words, she does the series proud. Buzzfeed had her prominently positioned amongst the 29 Badass Female Characters of 2015 while Tell-Tale’s 5 TV Heroes Who Crushed It had her in third place.

Clarke Griffin

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