How to Dress Like Claire Dearing

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Auburn Wig
White Button Down Shirt
Womens White Blazer
Lavender Cotton Tank Top
Gold Tone Buckle White Elastic Belt
Flared Midi Skater Skirt
LifeStride Taupe Pump

Best Claire Dearing Costume Guide

The blockbuster movie Jurassic World did not just introduce us to a new breed of dinosaur; it also introduced us to senior asset manager Claire Dearing. Played by Hollywood offspring, Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of legendary Ron Howard, movie character Claire Dearing offers us a stylish figure to cosplay. Following our simple costume guide, we can have you rocking Claire’s white on white look, in no time flat!

We chose a RubyK Women’s White Blazer over an LE3NO White Button Down Shirt and belted with a Gold Tone Buckle White Elastic Belt. Paired with an LE3NO Flared Midi Skater Skirt and a comfortable pair of LifeStride Taupe Pumps, we also included an optional TheMogan Lavender Cotton Tank Top. To account for her gorgeous red hair, we suggested an HSG Auburn Wig.

Claire Dearing Cosplay Costumes

With a slew of stunning movie characters to cosplay, Jurassic World’s Claire Dearing is sure to be a new favorite on the cosplay circuit. Keeping her wardrobe simple, she dresses mostly in white. Honestly, any white skirt suit would work in your favor. It’s her hair that makes her stand out. If you’ve already been blessed with red hair, you’re halfway there, if not, a red wig from a local costume shop will pull her signature look together.

For added fun, dressing as a group gives you some options both human and dinosaur to choose from. Naturally, love interest and velociraptor trainer, Owen Grady is a fun option to add to the mix. You can also include Claire’s visiting nephews, Gray and Zach. For more creative cosplayers, adding costumed dinosaurs to your group is sure to turn heads. We obviously recommend dinosaur newcomer, Indominus Rex or the adorable, yet dangerous group of velociraptors to drag attention to your cosplay efforts.

Claire Dearing Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the thrilling world of Jurassic World with our Claire Dearing costume guide FAQ. Embrace the resilience and intelligence of this key character as we answer your most common questions about replicating Claire’s distinctive look, ideal for embodying her character in cosplay events or themed parties.

Claire's most recognizable outfit consists of a white, sleeveless, button-down blouse, a khaki skirt, and a pair of high-heeled shoes, which famously becomes impractical as she navigates through the dinosaur park. As the movie progresses, she adapts to more practical clothing, including a tank top and boots.

Claire has shoulder-length, auburn hair that is often styled in a neat, professional look at the beginning of the film but becomes more tousled and practical as the action intensifies. You can use a similar colored wig or style your hair in loose waves, gradually pulling it back into a more functional ponytail or bun as needed.

Key accessories for a Claire Dearing costume include a pair of sunglasses, a walkie-talkie, or a mobile phone to represent her role as the park operations manager. Additionally, you might include a map of Jurassic World or a dinosaur toy for thematic effect.

Claire's makeup is professional and understated, consistent with her role. Opt for a natural look with neutral tones, a light foundation, a nude or soft pink lipstick, and subtle eye makeup.

Including Claire's quotes can bring more depth to your portrayal. Some notable ones include: "Welcome to Jurassic World.," "We have an asset out of containment!," "You're not in control here!," "I am never going back to this island again." and "Nature always finds a way." These quotes reflect Claire's journey from a corporate manager to a hands-on crisis leader, showcasing her development and resilience in the face of danger.

About Claire Dearing

Claire Dearing is an admitted workaholic with a textbook Type A personality. Cold and aloof, she is taken on as the new park operations manager, Claire cares more about the almighty dollar than for personal relationships. Without the help of the staff velociraptor trainer Owen, she would have continued to view the dinosaurs as profit instead of as living beings. Her dedication makes her an excellent asset manager but a terrible aunt.

Pawning off her visiting nephews to her assistant, Claire receives quite a wake-up call when the boys are attacked by the escaped Indominus Rex. For once, thinking of someone other than herself, Claire becomes desperate to save her nephews and recruits Owen Grady to help her accomplish this. Naturally, she saves her nephews but surprisingly vows to be more selfless and spend more time with her family and building relationships with people, a skill she finds she’s not terrible at accomplishing.

Claire Dearing

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