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Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, or more commonly know as Ciri, is the princess of Cintra who stars in the popular TV series, The Witcher. She’s the daughter of Pavetta and Emhyr var Emreis, though Emhry didn’t know Pavetta was pregnant at the time of her birth. She was born in Skellige in Belleteyn and became an orphan at the age of five. Her parents died at sea, and she blamed Crach an Craite for letting them go out at all. Calanthe tried to hide the truth about Ciri’s purpose and birth, but her nanny soon revealed it. She learned that she was a Child of Surprise and that she would one day become a witcher. Although Ciri was annoyed that her power was kept a secret from her, she still took her destiny with maturity and pride. Over time, she was taken by Geralt to Kaer Morhen where she would be trained to become a witcher.

Get the look of the princess of Cintra with this Ciri costume guide. You can intimidate your foes dressed up as Ciri with White Long Hair, Ciric Costume, Ciric Boots, Ciric Sword, and Injury Sticker. When in need of a costume become The Witcher from the incredible popular graphic novels series and video games.

Ciri Cosplay Costumes

Ciri is only considered an honorary witcher. She never actually got to complete her training and prove herself worthy, but that doesn’t mean she can’t fight. As soon as Geralt and Ciri start their journey to Kaer Morhen for her training, she begins to have nightmares of a knight. Geralt thinks nothing more of it. But when she falls into several trances at the training establishment and begins to prophesize, they realize Ciri might not be an ordinary witcher. Triss Merigold is asked to inspect the girl, and she reveals that she is a Source, a powerful transmitter for magic!

Once you’ve nailed your Ciri look, you should involve some other fans of The Witcher as well! Characters like Geralt, Triss, Yennefer, and other witchers would work well together as a group cosplay, so don’t shy away from the more powerful characters.

Ciri Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the fierce and resilient Ciri, also known as the Lion Cub of Cintra, from “The Witcher” series. Our costume guide FAQ will help you recreate Ciri’s distinct look, capturing her as a formidable warrior and a person of great destiny. We’ll explore how to craft her battle-ready attire and embody her determined spirit.

Ciri's outfit is a blend of practicality and style, befitting her role as a skilled fighter and traveler. Essential components include a leather or faux leather jacket with studded details, a green or blue shirt underneath, black fitted trousers, and knee-high boots. Ciri's look is often completed with a sword belt and sheath for her sword. Her distinctive ashen hair, often styled in a loose, low ponytail, and a scar over her left eye are key features of her appearance.

Ciri is known for her ashen, almost silver hair. Use a long, straight, ash-blonde wig, styling it in a loose ponytail to replicate her look. For Ciri's facial scar, which runs over her left eye, use theatrical makeup or a safe, skin-friendly adhesive to create a realistic-looking scar.

The material for Ciri's jacket should be sturdy, like leather or a high-quality faux leather, with studded details for an authentic look. The trousers should be black and fitted, made from a flexible fabric that allows for easy movement, like a stretchable cotton blend or light leather.

Key details for a Ciri costume include her sword belt and sheath, essential for her character as a skilled fighter. A prop sword that resembles Ciri's weapon in the series can enhance the costume's authenticity. Remember to ensure the prop sword adheres to any event safety guidelines.

To bring depth to your portrayal of Ciri, consider using some of her memorable quotes: "I’m not going to be somebody’s puppet anymore.," "Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.," "I am who I need to be.," "I don't need anyone’s permission to be me." and "You taught me to fight. It’s time I take my destiny into my own hands." These quotes reflect Ciri's fierce independence, her struggle with her destiny, and her determination to carve her own path, making them ideal for adding authenticity to your costume portrayal.

About Ciri

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon was born in 1253. Her parents Pavetta and Emhyr var Emreis, who’s alias is Duny, died while out at sea when she was only five-years-old. Being the only heir to Cintra, her grandmother Calanthe took special care of her. She tried to hide Ciri’s pure form from the girl, but she found out from another source. After several years of adventuring and traveling, Geralt learns who she is and takes her to Kaer Morhen for training. However, she never truly gets to finish her training and so is known as an honorary witcher.

She meets Triss Merigold, a healer and mage, who helps her move through a trying time in her life. Triss also tells the witchers that Ciri is, in fact, a Source and is used by something far more powerful than they’ve seen. She never remembers what happens when she falls into a trance and the witchers don’t want to tell her, but sooner or later she’ll find out.


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