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Ox Horn Style Wig
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Best Chun-Li Costume Guide

Chun-Li made her first appearance in the Street Fighter games in the second game, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Chun-Li has been a popular fighting character since 1991. Since then, she has been cleaning up the streets to avenge her father and seek justice in every opportunity she can. Don’t let her cute looks fool you, she is a fierce fighter that’s not willing to lose! Become Chun-Li by following this complete costume guide.

Cosplay Chun-Li with an Ox Horn Style Wig, Chun-Li Costume, Black Leather Spike Bangle, Blue Briefs, White Gogo Boots, and Brown Tights. Chun-Li sticks to her heritage with her characteristic style but doesn’t steer away from keeping her feminine side intact!

Chun-Li Cosplay Costumes

Dressing as a woman warrior in cosplay will make you feel strong and invincible, which everyone should feel! Chun-Li is a great costume option if you want to go as a powerful woman because she doesn’t let anyone stop her from winning. Get ready to fight like this popular fighter from the Street Fighter video games with this Chun-Li costume!

Recreating Chun-Li’s look with either a Chun-Li costume or any kind of qipao or Chinese dress. Throw on a pair of brown tights under the dress and add a pair of tall white boots! You will need two black leather spiked bangles—one to wear on each wrist. Lastly, don’t forget an ox horn style wig or if your hair is long enough, you can style it in the same as Chun-Li. Go with a group with friends dressed up as other video game characters or other fighters from the Street Fighter franchise like Guile, Ryu, and Sagat! We would love to see your complete costume, so submit a photo to be posted in the cosplay gallery!

Chun-Li Costume Tips & FAQs

Prepare to embody the strength and grace of Chun-Li, the iconic character from “Street Fighter II: The World Warrior.” Known as one of the first female fighters in video game history, Chun-Li’s costume is as memorable as her lightning-fast kicks. This guide will assist you in recreating her classic look, focusing on her traditional Chinese dress and distinctive accessories. Perfect for cosplay enthusiasts and fans of the series, this FAQ will help you capture the essence of Chun-Li’s powerful yet elegant fighting style.

Chun-Li's iconic outfit consists of a blue qipao, a traditional Chinese dress, which is modified to allow for a full range of movement during combat. The dress typically has gold or yellow accents and side slits for mobility. Underneath, she wears white combat boots and brown tights or leggings. Her outfit combines traditional elements with a distinct combat-ready look.

Chun-Li is famous for her "ox horns" hairstyle, where her hair is styled into two large buns on either side of her head. These are often wrapped in white fabric or ribbon and adorned with decorative hair combs or brooches. A wig can be styled to achieve this look if necessary. The hairstyle is a key aspect of her recognizable appearance.

Chun-Li wears white combat boots that are both practical for fighting and stylish. The boots should be calf-length and can be either flat or with a slight heel. They are an essential part of her outfit, contributing to her agile and powerful image.

Key accessories for Chun-Li include her spiked bracelets, which are worn on both wrists. These bracelets are typically golden or silver and are both a fashion statement and a representation of her strength in combat. Additionally, including her white combat belt will help to complete the look.

To enhance your portrayal of Chun-Li, you can practice and mimic some of her famous moves, such as her "Spinning Bird Kick" or "Lightning Kick." As for quotes, Chun-Li is known for saying "You can't escape!" and "Yatta!" (which means "I did it!" in Japanese) upon winning a fight. These elements will add an authentic touch to your costume and character depiction.

About Chun-Li

Chun-Li is the first female fighter on the Street Fighter game series. Her strong personality and fighting skills are obvious when she is combating against other fighters. Her passion for fighting comes from seeking revenge on those who murdered her father. Finding justice in the horrible times of her life also led her to find justice for those around her.

Chun-Li is a fighter by night, but during the day she is a police officer. She is known for being disciplined and courageous in all aspects of her life. Other police officers enjoy being around her and she easily makes friends with her kind, smiling face. It is only when she is facing other fighters that she is unforgiving. Chun-Li has adopted the traits of nearly every woman—sweet, tough, loving, fierce, and passionate!


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