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Black Shirt Sleeve T-Shirt
Chuck Greene Jacket
Slim Fit Jeans
Tactical Hard Knuckle Gloves
Two Row Stitch Leather Belt
Chainsaw Costume Prop
Running Trail Shoe

Best Chuck Greene Costume Guide

Chuck Greene is the main character that appears in the popular Capcom video game series Dead Rising. He first appeared in the Dead Rising 2. The two-time national motocross champion is also an extremely talented mechanic. His most important job is protecting his daughter, Katey, after the death of his wife following the Vegas Outbreak. Though Katey was also infected, Chucks keeps her alive by administering Zombrex daily. Get the look of the former motocross champ with this Chuck Greene costume guide.

Cosplay Chuck Greene by wearing a Black Short Sleeve T-Shirt and a pair of Slim Fit Jeans. Over your T-Shirt, put on the iconic Chuck Greene Jacket. After that, wear Tactical Hard Knuckle Gloves. Hold up your pants with a Two Row Stitch Leather Belt. Finally, lace up your Running Trail Shoe and pick up your Chainsaw Costume Prop to start killing some zombies!

Chuck Greene Cosplay Costumes

Chuck Greene is a man caught in the midst of chaos. He appears as the main character in Capcom’s Dead Rising video game series. The Las Vegas zombie outbreak led to the death of his wife and fearing for his daughter’s survival. He’s a loving father, brutal fighter, and one of the best mechanics in the world. Dressing up like him is easy. He wears simple, everyday clothes like a black t-shirt, slim fit jeans, and his signature racing jacket. He doubles up as a mechanic and zombie killer, and his nonsense outfit shows it.

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Chuck Greene Costume Tips & FAQs

Gear up for a thrilling transformation into Chuck Greene, the resourceful protagonist from “Dead Rising 2.” Our dedicated costume guide FAQ will assist you in perfectly capturing Chuck’s rugged, survivalist appearance, reflecting his role as a motocross champion turned zombie outbreak survivor.

Chuck Greene's iconic look includes a black and yellow motocross jacket, a green undershirt, blue jeans, and brown work boots. The jacket, often with a prominent "Ijiek" logo, is the centerpiece. His outfit also features a black watch and a pair of black motocross gloves, adding to his rugged, action-ready appearance.

To replicate Chuck's motocross jacket, look for a black motorcycle jacket with yellow accents or stripes. You can create your own "Ijiek" logo with fabric paint or a printed iron-on transfer to add to the jacket. The key is to capture the sporty yet practical style of a motocross racer.

Chuck wears straightforward, practical clothing: classic blue jeans and brown work boots. The jeans should be a regular fit, not too tight or baggy. For the boots, opt for a sturdy pair of brown leather work boots that look like they could handle a zombie apocalypse.

Besides his jacket and clothing, Chuck is known for his black wristwatch and black motocross gloves. These accessories are essential for completing the Chuck Greene look. Additionally, carrying a makeshift weapon, like a toy chainsaw or a sledgehammer, can reference his talent for crafting weapons in the game.

Incorporating Chuck Greene's quotes can enhance your cosplay experience. Here are some memorable lines: "I've covered wars, you know.," "Katie, daddy loves you so much.," "I don't want to kill you, but I will if I have to!," "This is a new one." and "Let's do this." These quotes reflect Chuck's determination, his love for his daughter Katie, and his readiness to face challenges head-on, making them ideal for portraying his character in a cosplay setting.

About Chuck Greene

Chuck Greene is a recurring character that made his debut in Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 video game. He has since been a fan favorite. A mechanic and two-time national motocross champion, Chuck Greene is the ultimate athlete, with both brains and brawns. He is a family man who deeply loves his wife and daughter. Unfortunately, his whole family was caught in the midst of a zombie outbreak. His wife turned into a zombie as soon as the Vegas outbreak began unknowingly infected their daughter, Katey.

No matter how hardened or bad Chuck may be, he always loved his family and tried to be a good person. He did his best and successfully saved his daughter from dying. But his struggles never came to an end. The zombie outbreak was blamed on Chuck. He was wrongly accused of spreading it because the man who caused it was wearing the exact same clothes as Chuck Greene. Being a tough guy, Chuck Greene can face any adversity thrown at him, whether the undead or the living!

Chuck Greene

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