How to Dress Like Chloe Price

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Beanie Cap
Costume Wig
T-shirt Bra
Chloe Price Tank
Fake Temporary Tattoo Arm Sleeves
Elastic Suspenders
Stretch Skinny Jeans Slight Distress
Knee High Riding Boot
Choker Necklace
Hair Ties

Best Chloe Price Costume Guide

For Life Is Strange video game fans looking to represent at their next cosplay conventions should choose the awesome lead character, Chloe Price. The popular graphic adventure video game was published by Square Enix. As the childhood friend of Max Caulfield, Chloe is rescued when Max discovers the ability to travel back in time. Follow this complete guide to see how to pull off her look with just 10 costume pieces.

To cosplay Chloe’s outfit, dress up in a T-shirt Bra beneath an authentic Chloe Price Tank. Wear a pair of Stretch Skinny Jeans that are slightly distressed with Elastic Suspenders and Knee High Riding Boots. Accessorize the look with a Beanie Cap over a blue Costume Wig, Fake Temporary Tattoo Arm Sleeves, Choker Necklace, and Hair Ties.


Chloe Price Cosplay Costumes

Chloe Price has her own sense of style, lucky for cosplayers, it’s a fairly easy to look to pull off. A number of accessories can be picked up online or at a local costume shop. A wig to highlight her blue hair is essential as well as pull-on sleeve tattoos and a fashion necklace. The rest of her look can most likely be found in your own closet.

A white tank-top with a black bra worn underneath is a possibility if you don’t want to order her official logo shirt. Add some skinny jeans and dark, mid-calf boots, and a beanie to complete her look. For group cosplay, consider joining other characters from Life Is Strange like Nathan, Kate, Rachel or Dana. If you need more cosplay ideas, check out the other video game costume guides! We welcome you to submit your pictures as well!

Chloe Price Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the rebellious and emotional world of Chloe Price from the acclaimed video game “Life Is Strange” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Chloe’s look is a vivid expression of her bold, punk-rock spirit and complex personality. This guide is crafted to assist you in embodying Chloe’s unique style, combining elements of grunge, punk, and a touch of vulnerability, making your transformation into the fiercely loyal and spirited character as authentic as possible.

Chloe Price's signature style is edgy and punk-inspired. Essential elements of her costume include a blue and white skull tank top, a black leather jacket with studs (optional), ripped skinny jeans, and a pair of black combat boots. Her outfit reflects her rebellious and tough exterior, mixed with an undercurrent of vulnerability.

Chloe is known for her short, messy, dyed blue hair. A short, choppy wig dyed blue or temporary hair dye can achieve this look. She also has a sleeve of tattoos on her right arm, featuring various designs like a skull, roses, and a butterfly. Temporary tattoo sleeves or individual temporary tattoos can replicate this aspect of her appearance.

Key accessories for Chloe's costume include a bullet necklace, several punk-style bracelets or wristbands, and her signature black beanie hat. Also, consider adding a few faux piercings, like a nose ring, to capture her edgy look. These accessories are integral to Chloe's distinctive punk style.

Chloe Price is known for her rebellious, tough attitude, often displayed through her confident, sometimes defiant body language and her casual, sometimes sarcastic speech pattern. Embodying her attitude involves a blend of toughness and vulnerability, often showing a strong front while hiding deeper emotions.

Adding quotes from Chloe can bring authenticity to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "I'm so not a rebel. I always like to seize the moment.," "I pledge allegiance to Max and the power for which she stands.," "Everybody lies. No exceptions.," "Max, you saved me again. Crazy. Now we're totally bonded for life!" and "Hell and back... I've got your back, Max." These quotes reflect Chloe's fierce loyalty, her sense of humor, and her struggles, deepening the connection to her character in your portrayal.

About Chloe Price

Life is Strange video game character Chloe Price is a natural born rebel. She is stubborn and mischievous though bold and outgoing. With the quintessential punk look, her blue hair and skull related wardrobe match her taste in music. She has a smart mouth which often exhibits a fair amount of sarcasm. She appears fearless and loves to take risks but often finds herself in trouble because of it.

She has trust issues and deep rooted fears of abandonment. The death of her father contributed to this as well as the loss of friends. The losses in her life have made her resentful and pessimistic. She finds it difficult to believe that anyone truly cares about her. As a result, Chloe can sometimes be insensitive to the feelings of others. She can be petty, jealous, irrational, and destructive. Despite these things, she is a loyal and true friend. Her tough facade covers up a scared and insensitive soul.

Chloe Price

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