How to Dress Like Chirrut Imwe

Male Movies
Gunfighter Shirt
Black Chef Coat
Chirrut Imwe Costume
Baggy Chef Pants
Wooden Walking/Hiking Stick
Belly Band Gun Holster
Black Cape
Condor Shoulder Strap
Casual Ankle Boots
Toy Crossbow
Red Table Cloth

Best Chirrut Imwe Costume Guide

The number of Star Wars characters in the franchise are seemingly endless. A relative newcomer, Rogue One star Chirrut Imwe is gaining popularity for his skills as a warrior and his unique look. If you’re a fan of the franchise but are looking for a new spin to cosplay, follow this guide for a look worthy of any convention.

We chose a Gunfighter Shirt and a Black Chef Coat to get started. Underneath, wear a pair of Baggy Chef Pants and a pair of Casual Ankle Boots. To pull the look together, dress up in a Chirrut Imwe Costume accented with a Red Table Cloth and Black Cape. Accessorize with a Wooden Walking/Hiking Stick, Belly Band Gun Holster, and Condor Shoulder Strap. Finally, cap off the look with a Toy Crossbow.

Chirrut Imwe Cosplay Costumes

We think you will find the unique pronunciation of Chirrut Imwe’s name more complicated than his cosplay. While you have the option of going full-on franchise and purchasing the costume outright online or at a costume shop, part of cosplaying is the fun use of using your imagination. This look can easily be achieved with very little fuss or cost. You can start with a long sleeve Mandarin collared shirt in black with coordinating pants.

A length of red cloth, or as the gift guide suggested a tablecloth, can be used to wrap around your waist. The white cross-body belt he wears looks strangely like something school safety patrol might wear. This can, no doubt, be ordered or recreated with white duct tape. You can opt for Chirrut Imwe’s wooden staff or his bow. Group cosplay is simple and can include K-2SO, Jyn Erso, or Darth Vader from Star Wars. Take a look at the featured cosplay pictures for even more ideas.

Chirrut Imwe Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey into the Star Wars universe with our Chirrut Îmwe costume guide FAQ. Chirrut, a deeply spiritual warrior-monk from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” is known for his wisdom, martial arts skills, and connection to the Force. This FAQ section aims to help fans accurately recreate Chirrut’s distinct look for cosplay events, movie-themed parties, or any Star Wars fan gathering.

Chirrut Îmwe's outfit is a blend of practicality and traditional monk-like attire. It consists of a long, slate-gray robe with lighter gray accents and a hood. Underneath, he wears a burgundy tunic and dark trousers. His costume is layered and textured, reflecting his blind warrior-monk status. The robe should have an aged and slightly worn look, symbolizing his life on the desert moon Jedha.

To emulate Chirrut's blindness, you can use light, milky contact lenses that give the appearance of clouded eyes. Alternatively, focus on perfecting his other distinctive features and mannerisms, such as his calm demeanor and precise movements, to convey his character accurately.

Chirrut Îmwe's costume includes a few key accessories. Most notably, he carries a staff which is both a walking aid and a weapon. The staff should be long, with intricate details and a slightly worn appearance. He also wears a utility belt with pouches, reflecting his readiness for combat and survival.

Chirrut has a close-cropped hairstyle and a thin, well-groomed beard and mustache. To achieve his look, you should have short hair or use a closely cropped wig, and style your facial hair to match his neat and defined beard and mustache.

Chirrut Îmwe is known for his wise and impactful phrases, deeply connected to his belief in the Force. Including his quotes in your portrayal can bring depth to your cosplay. Some of his memorable lines include: "I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me.," "The strongest stars have hearts of kyber.," "I fear nothing. For all is as the Force wills it.," "Are you kidding me? I'm blind!" and "I don't need luck, I have you." These quotes capture Chirrut's spiritual connection to the Force, his courage, and his sense of humor, adding authenticity to your costume and honoring the character's essence.

About Chirrut Imwe

Spiritual Warrior Chirrut Imwe is a deep believer in the Force and the connection it has with all living things around it. He is blind but highly skilled with the light bow and the staff, making him a deadly adversary. His homeworld is Jedha, and he is a fighter with a cause. Becoming a warrior-monk with the Guardian of the Whills alongside lifelong friend Baze Malbus, it wasn’t until nearly two decades later that he allied himself to Restore the Republic. His sightlessness does not prevent him from seeing the need around him.

Chirrut Imwe is also known for his work as a preacher of the Force. That is how he becomes acquainted with Jyn Erso. Though he was tragically killed in the Battle of Scarif, his death was not in vain. A willing volunteer tasked to steal the plans of the original Death Star, Chirrut Imwe lost his life helping Cassian Andor and Jyn break into the Imperial Archives. He died in the arms of his friend Baze but not before comforting him by telling him not to mourn his passing and to look for him in the Force.

Chirrut Imwe

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