How to Dress like Chief Jim Hopper

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Jim Hopper Costume Guide
Hopper Name Badge
Adult Felt Ranger Hat
Hawkins Police Patch
5.11 Men's Twill PDU Long Sleeve Shirt
American Flag Embroidered Patch
Bianchi Tan Thumbsnap Holster
Security Enforcement Deluxe Badge
5.11 Men's Covert 2.0 Pant
6-Inch Airsoft Revolver

Best Jim Hopper Costume Guide

Get in uniform as Jim Hopper, portrayed by David Harbour, the Police Chief of Hawkins, Indiana from the Netflix series Stranger Things. He lead the investigation of Will Byers’ disappearance. With the help of Joyce Byers, Will’s mother, Chief Hopper is able to locate Will in the Hawkins National Laboratory. Get the cosplay look of Jim Hopper with 5.11 Men’s Twill PDU Long Sleeve Shirt, 5.11 Men’s Covert 2.0 Pant, American Flag Embroidered Patch, Security Enforcement Deluxe Badge, Hawkins Police Patch, Hopper Name Badge, and a Adult Felt Ranger Hat. Make sure to be armed with a 6-Inch Airsoft Revolver and Bianchi Tan Thumbsnap Holster.

Jim Hopper Cosplay Costumes

If you ever felt the need to get into uniform and solve a few mysteries then Chief Jim Hopper would be perfect for you. Chief Jim Hopper is one of the characters that happen to be portrayed in the popular Netflix series, Stranger things. This character is one that you can easily include in a group cosplay of Stranger Things with friends if you so desire it as well. What you need to complete this look and start on your duty is a to grab a pair of Covert pants and a twill shirt. Since he has a few badges that cover his look, you’ll need them as well such a hopper badge, a police patch, and embroidered American flag patch. You’ll also need a felt ranger hat and a leather holster to complete the look. If you really would like to finish it though, you can find a small airsoft revolver in party stores or online for a relatively cheap price. If you need a bit of inspiration, take a look at the featured photos to really get a feel for how to dress the character. Also, if you’d like, send over a few photos of your cosplay; we’d love to see what you come up with!

About Jim Hopper

Jim Hopper was once a big city police officer with rather high dreams and aspirations. He was married and had a daughter but eventually lost all that and found himself back in Hawkins. Disappointed with the turnout of his life, it’s quite common to find him inebriated or out for the night with a new woman. Life is rather uneventful at the police station where he works so it’s rather difficult for him to believe when he hears that a child went missing but he soon realizes that it’s something serious and quite dangerous. While he has been quite uninterested in his life and work after his divorce and move back to Hawkins, this new mystery has him back on his feet. He’s determined to find Joyce’s son and return him safe and sound. While it may be a task that’s difficult and probably dangerous, it gives him a new energized purpose in his life and accomplishing it means quite a bit to him.

Jim Hopper

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