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Best Chidi Anagonye Costume Guide

When you’re in the afterlife where exactly do you go? While others are unsure, Chidi Anagonye lives in the Good Place. Chidi is another main character in the NBC comedy TV series, The Good Place. At the Good Place is where truly virtuous people go when they die. Those who live there take part in every privilege in the afterlife. Chidi was given his dream house and is paired with Eleanor as his soulmate. He teaches ethics and even gives lessons to Eleanor in an attempt to make her a better person. Unfortunately, that proves to be quite the challenge.

Get the look of the ever-intelligent, selfless ethics teacher with this Chidi Anagonye costume guide. Dress as Chidi from The Good Place by wearing a Light Blue Dress Shirt, Tan Sweater Vest, Brown Khakis, Black Rimmed Glasses, Oxford Shoes, and carrying a Philosophy Book as a prop.

Chidi Anagonye Cosplay Costumes

The Good Place is a quirky, pun-filled comedy that explores man’s greatest concern about the afterlife—where do you go when we die? Is it in “The Good Place” aka Heaven, or “The Bad Place” aka Hell? We all want to be where the good things are. For Chidi, he’s lucky that he’s in The Good Place. For the most part, he stays rather buttoned-up—literally and figuratively.

His wardrobe drifts on the conservative side. Eleanor even refers to him as “The Human Sweater Vest.” You can copy Chidi’s look by wearing a vest over a dress shirt tucked in and some good ole khakis. Since he teaches when he was still alive, he puts on a friendly outfit, the kind that professors usually wear. For your next cosplay, step into the good side of the party with your gang dressed as the cast of The Good Place like Michael and Janet.

Chidi Anagonye Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the world of moral philosophy with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Chidi Anagonye from “The Good Place.” Get ready to embody the essence of this ethics professor as we answer your most common questions about creating his distinctive look.

Chidi is known for his simple yet scholarly attire. His signature look includes a button-up dress shirt, a cardigan or sweater vest, neatly pressed trousers, and comfortable sneakers. Don't forget to carry a few philosophy books for added authenticity.

Look for dress shirts in muted colors like white, light blue, or gray. Pair them with plain cardigans or sweater vests. Opt for well-fitted, slim-cut trousers and clean, white sneakers to complete the Chidi Anagonye look.

Chidi sports short, neatly combed hair and is usually clean-shaven. For his hairstyle, use hair gel or pomade to achieve a sleek, tidy appearance. Maintain a clean-shaven face for a faithful representation.

To fully embrace Chidi's persona, consider carrying a notebook filled with philosophical musings and quotes. You can also wear round, studious glasses and carry a tote bag with "What We Owe to Each Other" written on it, a nod to one of his favorite philosophy books.

Chidi is known for his indecisiveness and thoughtful musings, so here are a few quotes that capture his essence: "I can't make a decision to save my life, which actually happened to me.," "I'm always in my head. It's exhausting in there.," "Morality is just... the bean soup of my emotions.," and "I'm gonna have a stomachache for the rest of my life!" Incorporating these quotes into your interactions can help you embody Chidi's intellectual and neurotic personality.

About Chidi Anagonye

Chidi Anagonye is another protagonist on the hit American comedy series, The Good Place. Chidi was a deceased French-speaking Nigerian-Senegalese professor of ethics and moral philosophy before he died. Despite being good at academics, Chidi struggled with his inability to make choices making him excessively anxious and indecisive which led to his untimely death. He, fortunately, was sent to The Good Place so he was able to live in his dream house and was promised a soulmate who is Eleanor. Even he didn’t need to work in The Good Place, he somehow found himself teaching ethics and even gave lessons to Eleanor to help change her for the better.

Chidi is intelligent, generous, kind, but tends to be overly anxious and non-confrontational. He sticks to ethics and always wants to do the right thing and sets high standards for himself. He lives in fear of making a mistake.

Chidi Anagonye

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