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Chi-Chi is a kind-hearted character who appears in the anime show, Dragon Ball Z. She is the daughter of the Ox-King and later marries one of the main characters, Goku. She is typically a shy and scared girl, but don’t let this fool you because even the quietest characters have a temper. Her father is known for his scary personality, while her people see her as pure of heart. Get the look of the princess of Fire Mountain with this complete Chi-Chi costume guide.

Unlike her husband, Goku, Chi-Chi does not like to fight. She may be a strong fighter, but that doesn’t mean she never gets scared. After having a son with Goku, Chi-Chi becomes increasingly protective and controlling over her loved ones. She means well, though. Make one wrong move towards her sons, and you’ll instantly regret it. To look like Chi-Chi dress up in a Chi-Chi Wig, Chi-Chi Costume, Dance Shoes, Hair Tie, and Green Earring.

Chi-Chi Cosplay Costumes

Dragon Ball Z has been such a long-running anime series that Chi-Chi’s character has seen several outfit changes. She is a role-playing character who is there to help others attain their goals. She encourages her husband, Goku, to do his best, and always helps her sons, Gohan and Goten, reach their academic dreams. Depending on the event she’s attending or location she’s going, Chi-Chi ensures that her clothing and appearance look pretty but practical.

Everyone has a style preference, which makes Chi-Chi an excellent choice for any cosplayer. She has multiple styles to choose from, or you could even cosplay them all if you wanted! The main characteristic between her different outfits seen on Dragon Ball Z is the bright colors she pairs together. Purple, orange, and green seem to be her favorite color choices, though there have been others mixed. To make this cosplay even better, you should have someone dressed as Goku and Gohan by your side!

About Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi was born in the Age of 737. When she was two-years-old, a fire spirit was unleashed and made their castle and the surrounding area known as Fire Mountain. Her father, Ox-King, began training her in martial arts and she quickly became a skilled fighter. Goku and Chi-Chi met at a young age, but it wasn’t until they were a little older that they started developing feelings for one another.

She gave birth to their son Gohan when she was twenty and soon became very protective of him. When Piccolo kidnaps Gohan, she takes it upon herself to get him back. Sometimes her temper can get the better of her, and she will throw a tantrum in a fit of rage. Chi-Chi doesn’t approve of all the fighting and finds Goku’s focus to be worrisome, especially when he brings their son into it. Most people know Chi-Chi as a quiet and caring mother, but she’s also a strong and skillful warrior. 


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