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Charlotte Magne, more commonly referred to as Charlie, is the Hell-born princess in YouTube’s animated series Hazbin Hotel. As the founder of the Happy Hotel, later named Hazbin Hotel, Charlie is optimistic that the demons of Hell are capable of redemption and rehabilitation. She is the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith, a demon herself, and is upset by the yearly cleanse in which demons are destroyed by the Exterminators of Hell. Therefore, she has made it her mission to make Hell a better place, hoping that by the time the patrons of Hazbin Hotel check out, they are “checking out” peacefully into Heaven. Get the look of the compassionate princess of Hell with this Charlie costume guide.

Cosplay Charlie’s hellish look by wearing Black Pants and a Long Sleeve Shirt underneath a Red Blazer. Add some Black and White Heels, a Women’s Bow Tie, and White Gloves. Finally, complete the look with Vampire Teeth, Goth White Make-Up, and Blush Make-Up.

Charlie Cosplay Costumes

Though Charlie was born in raised and Hell, she is one of the kindest and compassionate members of society. Both naive and theatrical, Charlie does everything in her power to make others happy and is determined to make Hell a better place. She has hope that the sinners of Hell can receive forgiveness and enter Heaven. Of course, her bold plans are often laughed and scoffed at by the demons of Hell, but Charlie doesn’t let that stop her from pursuing her passion. Cosplay Charlie’s look with black pants, a long sleeve shirt, and a red blazer. Accessorize with some black and white heels, a women’s bow tie, and white gloves. Finally, no demon-look will be complete without vampire teeth, goth white make-up, and some blush! 

Don’t journey to the depths of Hell alone! Grab your closest friends and dress as Charlie’s girlfriend and manager of the Hazbin Hotel, Vagatha or “Vaggie” or dress as the demons of Hell like Alastor, Cherri Bomb, Katie Killjoy, and Tom Trench.

Charlie Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the vivid and ambitious world of Charlie, the protagonist of the web series “Hazbin Hotel,” with our engaging costume guide FAQ. Get ready to embody the optimistic and spirited character of Charlie, as we guide you through the essentials for recreating her distinctive and colorful look, answering your questions about crafting a costume that captures her dreams and her unique personality in Hell’s landscape.

Charlie's outfit in "Hazbin Hotel" is bold and unique, reflecting her energetic and optimistic personality. Key components include a white and light gray dress with red accents and a heart motif, a red bow around her waist, and long, light gray gloves. Her look is completed with black and red striped stockings and black shoes, often with red heels. Charlie's attire is a mix of vintage charm and modern flair, fitting her character as the princess of Hell.

Charlie has a unique hairstyle, with fluffy, voluminous white hair that's long and wavy. To replicate her hair, you might need a long, white wig that you can style to achieve volume and waves. Additionally, Charlie has small red horns on her head, which can be created using lightweight materials like foam, and then painted and attached to a headband or directly integrated into the wig.

Charlie wears stylish black shoes with a hint of red, often resembling high heels. Choose a pair of shoes that are comfortable yet match the aesthetic of her character – something with a vintage yet stylish look.

Key accessories for a Charlie costume include her red bow belt, which accentuates her dress. You might also consider adding props that reflect her musical and optimistic personality, such as a microphone or a musical note-themed item.

Charlie is known for her cheerful disposition and her desire to rehabilitate sinners. Memorable quotes and traits that can enhance your portrayal include: "I'm trying to help people find redemption.," "I think everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves." Her enthusiastic and sometimes naive nature and her musical talent and propensity to break into song. Incorporating these elements into your portrayal can help you capture the essence of Charlie's character from "Hazbin Hotel," making your costume more authentic and reflective of her role in the series.

About Charlie

While Charlie may seem naive and optimistic about the rehabilitation of the sinners of Hell, that doesn’t mean that she has easily been taken advantage of. When others, like Katie Killjoy, mock at her idea of rehabilitating demons and other creatures of Hell, Charlie doesn’t allow them to squash her dreams. She sticks up for herself and fights, literally, for what she believes in. Of course, she’s not naive enough to believe that every creature is capable of changing and admits that evil people like Alastor will likely never be able to change for the better. 

Charlie also has an undeniable love for musical theater and finds it easier to express herself in song and dance. This is just one of the many talents that she possesses. In fact, Charlie is also capable, like other demons, of turning herself into her Full Demon form with little effort. Unlike other demons, however, Charlie has the power of Pyrokinesis, allowing her to summon fire in any form at her will.


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