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Charlie Bradbury Costume Guide
Women's Flannel
Peace Out T-Shirt
Denim Skinny Jeans
Girl's Wig
Chuck Taylor Low Top
Chuck Taylor Low Top

Best Charlie Bradbury Costume Guide

Charlene “Charlie” Bradbury, born Celeste Middleton is an IT wizard at Richard Roman Enterprises. During her free time, she exploits big corporations to make donations in the company’s name. Sam and Dean Winchester convinced Charlie to moonlight as a self-commissioned hunter similar to the Winchester brothers. This eccentric character in Supernatural, played by Felicia Day, is a tattoo-sporting, self-confessed lesbian who has a penchant for electro-pop music. Get the look of the hacker who helped take down Leviathans with this Charlie Bradbury costume guide.

Get into cosplay fantasy as Charlie Bradbury with her quirky style. Dress up in the same style as the IT wiz by wearing a Girl’s Wig, Foldable Headphones, Peace out T-Shirt, Women’s Flannel, Denim Skinny Jeans, and Chuck Taylor Low Top shoes.

Charlie Bradbury Cosplay Costumes

Charlie appeared on the Supernatural series to help the Winchester brothers help unravel what Dick Roman was in search of. She became somewhat of a little sister to the Winchesters and also helped decipher the Book of the Damned. She was first introduced to the Winchesters after being asked by Dick Roman to decrypt Frank Devereaux hard drive. She is a quirky character who is a member of the human resistance’s inner circle. Her hacker look starts with a wig similar to Charlie’s hairstyle. Her clothes are pretty basic and you probably have similar looking clothes like a basic flannel shirt, skinny jeans, and a pair of Chuck Taylor shoes. Opt for the same Peace Out T-Shirt she wears on the show!

This heroic character joined together with the Winchesters and other creepy ghoulish supernatural characters in the Supernatural TV series are ripe for Cosplay. While cosplaying Charlie Bradbury have your friends join you as Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, or even Castiel for group cosplay.

About Charlie Bradbury

Aware of her IT ability, Dick Roman gets Charlie Bradbury to hack into Frank Deveraux’s hard drive. In the process, she discovers a hidden file under the heading “Richard Roman Enterprises” and clicks on it to discover a complete dossier compiled by Frank. Dismissing her findings as trivial, she goes through a total turnaround when she sees a Leviathan actually devouring her fellow employee. Although she was ultimately killed in her efforts to translate the Book of the Damned, her sacrifice enabled Sam to find a cure for Dean with her findings.

Supernatural is a dark fantasy television series created by Eric Kripke. Although the series went through a rocky patch in its first seasons, the ratings gradually increased in subsequent seasons. The wildly imaginative storylines with demonic monsters and diabolically characters armed with supernatural powers made for complete entertainment pleasure for viewers. This long-running cult TV series boasts a huge fan base who have even penned their own fictional series about the Winchester brothers.

Charlie Bradbury

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