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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police sitcom set in New York City. It follows a group of police detectives at the 99th precinct and became a hit very quickly. The popularity of the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine brought a love for characters such as Charles Boyle, who is played by Joe Lo Truglio. His fun references and food knowledge make him a great character to cosplay as, especially when partnered with his friend Jake Peralta.

Charles Boyle is a clumsy, food-loving detective that is best friends with the witty Jake Peralta. His optimistic and over-the-top attitude can make him a handful to be around, but never boring. He may not be physically gifted, or incredibly smart, but he works harder than anyone else at the precinct. Get the look of the 99th precinct’s most loved detective with a Yellow Short Sleeve Shirt, Necktie, Brown Pants, Black Belt, Police Badge, Leather Watch, Dress Shoes, and Toy Gun and Holster.

Charles Boyle Cosplay Costumes

We’ve had many cop shows over the years, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most popular. With its witty dialogue, lovable characters, and engaging storylines, it quickly became well known globally. Not only does this show cover topics that are relevant and important, but they also keep it lighthearted and fun. This show is great for cosplayers who want to not only give their love for the show but also be the coolest detectives in the NYPD.

It’s no secret this show is popular, so your friends probably love it just as much as you! Call your squad to meet at the 99th precinct as other characters like Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Terry Jeffords, Raymond Holt, or Gina Linetti. If you think your costumes are the best in the NYPD, don’t forget to submit some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Charles Boyle Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the humorous and heartfelt world of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” with our Charles Boyle costume guide FAQ. Charles Boyle, the lovably awkward and food-obsessed detective, is a fan-favorite character known for his unique sense of style and quirky personality. This guide will assist you in recreating Boyle’s distinct look, answering all your questions about embodying this beloved character for your next costume event or fan gathering.

Charles Boyle's style is smart-casual and slightly quirky. Key elements of his outfit include a button-up shirt (often with a unique or whimsical pattern), a tie (which he wears even in more casual settings), a knit vest or sweater, dress pants, and sensible shoes. Boyle's attire reflects his earnest and slightly old-fashioned personality.

Boyle sports a neat, short haircut and often has a cheerful or earnest expression. You can achieve his hairstyle with a tidy, conservative haircut, using a bit of product to keep it in place. Practice Boyle's signature expressions, like his enthusiastic smile or his worried frown, to capture his character fully.

Look for a button-up shirt with a fun or unusual pattern, something that reflects Boyle's quirky and endearing nature. Pair the shirt with a tie that complements it, but don't be afraid to mix patterns in a way that's slightly offbeat, yet still professional.

Choose a knit vest or sweater to wear over the shirt; Boyle often wears vests that are slightly old-fashioned or nerdy. For pants, opt for dress trousers in a neutral color like gray, navy, or black. Boyle's style is neat and tidy, so ensure your clothes are well-fitted and ironed.

Adding Charles Boyle's memorable quotes to your cosplay can make your portrayal more authentic and entertaining. Here are some classic Boyle lines: "The full Boyle is a lot. It's basically just, like, I love you and I cherish you and I can't live without you.," "Yogurt is my lifeblood.," "I'm a detective. I will detect.," "I'm not just some piece of meat you can use to pass the time. I'm a human being with feelings and hair." and "The English language cannot fully capture the depth and complexity of my thoughts, so I'm incorporating emojis into my speech to better express myself. Winky face." These quotes capture Boyle's quirky, earnest, and often overly emotional personality, making them perfect for adding an extra touch of authenticity to your Charles Boyle costume.

About Charles Boyle

Charles Boyle is a detective in the fictional sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Although he isn’t the most skilled or talented in the precinct, he puts in the hard work and hours to match even the best detectives. Charles is food savvy and knows where to get the best food in New York at any hour of the day for any hunger-related emergency.

He loves hanging out with his best friend Jake Peralta as they solve crimes and make Die Hard references. His personal life may not be perfect, and his family is a little chaotic, but Charles found his place at the 99th precinct. Although he may unintentionally make inappropriate references from time to time, and his moods can swing from self-deprecating to highly optimistic, he is deeply loved by the team. He may not look it, but Charles is the bravest and most caring detective at the 99th precinct and he won’t even ask for thanks.

Charles Boyle

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