How to Dress Like Caulifla

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Blonde Super Saiyan Wig
Black Arm Bands
Neon Purple Crop Tube Top
Purple Harem Pants
Black Dance Shoes

Best Caulifla Costume Guide

Caulifla is the punkish tomboy appearing on the hit manga television show Dragon Ball Z. She is a Saiyan from Universe 6, the Challenging Universe. As one of the strongest Saiyans in her Universe, the fate of her world rests on her shoulders. Her refusal to enter the Tournament of Power nearly destroyed Universe 6. Despite her lackadaisical attitude, Caulifla cares about others. It didn’t really show with the cocky attitude she had toward Goku and Vegeta at the Tournament of Power. Get the look of the female Saiyan with this Caulifla costume guide.

Cosplay Caulifla this Halloween or for any cosplay event with just a few items! The most noticeable part of Caulifla’s costume is her wig, so be sure to order a Blonde Super Saiyan Wig to get an exact match. Then, wear a pair of Purple Harem Pants and a Neon Purple Crop Tube Top. Throw on a pair of Black Dance Shoes and Black Arm Bands for the complete costume! Caulifla’s look is simple, but her powers are extreme!

Caulifla Cosplay Costumes

The cocky female Saiyan, Caulifla, from Dragon Ball Z has a super cool (and easy) look to put together. Since Caulifla’s costume has a total of five pieces, this look won’t take long for you to find all of the items to put together! Starting out by ordering her wig online or finding a blonde wig and spiking it up. The harem pants and dance shoes can be found in most costume shops, while the crop top and armbands are going to be available in most retail stores. Don’t forget that you can order all of these pieces online to make your costume quick and easy.

Caulifla isn’t the only character from Dragon Ball that devotes her life to fighting, so grab a few of your friends to dress as Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Launch or any of the other characters from the Japanese manga series Dragon Ball Z. Now that you have a group cosplay, send us a picture of your Caulifla costume so you can be featured in the cosplay gallery!

Caulifla Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey into the Dragon Ball universe as Caulifla, the fierce and determined Saiyan warrior from the “Dragon Ball Super” series. Our dedicated costume guide FAQ is here to help you capture Caulifla’s distinct and powerful look, providing answers to your most pressing questions about recreating her memorable appearance for cosplay or fan events.

Caulifla's outfit is bold and characteristic of Saiyan warriors. Essential elements include a black sleeveless, midriff-baring top, red baggy pants secured with a blue sash, a pair of white boots, and fingerless gloves. Her look is completed with a gold choker necklace and large gold hoop earrings.

The top should be a simple, tight-fitting, black sleeveless crop top. The pants need to be red and baggy, gathered at the ankles, and tied at the waist with a blue sash or belt. This combination reflects Caulifla's practical yet distinctive Saiyan attire.

Caulifla wears white, knee-high boots with a pointed tip and a slight heel. They should be paired with red and white fingerless gloves that extend to the middle of the forearm, emulating her battle-ready appearance.

Key accessories for Caulifla include a gold choker necklace and large gold hoop earrings. These items add to her fierce yet stylish Saiyan warrior look. Additionally, recreating her spiky, dark hair, typically styled in a mohawk-like fashion, is crucial for an authentic portrayal.

Adding Caulifla's quotes can bring authenticity to your costume. Some notable lines include: "I'm Caulifla. Remember that name well.," "Don't underestimate Saiyans.," "I'm going to get even stronger!," "Let's see what this Super Saiyan thing is all about." and "I’m not going down so easily!" These quotes showcase Caulifla’s confidence, her fighting spirit, and her ambition to become stronger, making them perfect for anyone aiming to portray her character.

About Caulifla

Caulifla from the Japanese anime television series Dragon Ball Z has always been aware that Universe 6 and her own life is on the line. Her fighting skills are absolutely essential to preventing her Universe from being destroyed. Even though she resides on Universe 6, she has the personality that is much closer to those from Universe 7. Caulifla is known to be a tomboy, who is often characterized selfish, self-absorbed, and usually unmotivated to do anything for others. She is, however, devoted to her friends and family above herself.

Caulifla was very reluctant to take part in the Tournament of Power, which essentially is the deciding factor of which Universes survive and which ones are destroyed. The strong Saiyans came to the decision to participate and everyone soon found out her strengths lie in Ki Blasts, Flying, and Energy Blasts. Caulifla is an excellent choice for cosplay if you’re looking for a quick, yet powerful costume!


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