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PJ Masks is a TV show that Disney made based on the book series Les Pyjamasques. It is about three children around six years old named Greg, Connor and Amaya. In the day time, they seem like normal curious kids, but at night they become superheroes. When their parents think they’ve gone to bed, they sneak out in costumes to stop bad guys from causing chaos around town. 

Catboy is the leader, and technically the oldest, of the group. His super powers include super hearing, quick speed, superhuman jumping and leaping and super cat stripes. He’s agile and quick on his feet which helps him outrun almost anyone. He can be a little clumsy, but is overall a great friend and a helpful teammate. For the complete look of Catboy’s outfit you’re going to need a Catboy Costume, Cat Paw, Catboy Watch, Litter Picker and Blue Cape.

Catboy Cosplay Costumes

Each member of the PJ Masks is based off an animal. Amaya becomes Owlette where she’s able to fly and see in the dark, Greg turns into Gekko and can camouflage and climb walls and Connor becomes Catboy. They each have unique abilities and powers that help them take down the villains that roam the streets and are unstoppable when they work together. 

The key to Catboy’s outfit is the color. Just like they have their own powers, they also have signature colors. If there’s one thing people remember from the show, it’s the bright blue, pink and green on the superhero outfits. 

Your cosplay of Catboy wouldn’t be complete unless you had Owlette and Gekko by your side. Keep an eye out for any mischief tonight and don’t forget to send us a picture of your completed outfit to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Catboy Costume Tips & FAQs

Leap into action with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Catboy, the agile and brave leader of the PJ Masks trio. Known for his blue cat-like superhero suit and remarkable abilities, Catboy is a favorite among young fans of the “PJ Masks” series. This guide will help you recreate his heroic look, perfect for children’s parties, cosplay events, or just for fun.

Catboy's costume is a full-body suit primarily in a vibrant blue color, with darker blue stripes and a lighter blue center. The suit includes a cat-like tail and a hood with cat ears. The symbol of the PJ Masks is visible on the chest. The costume should fit snugly to mimic the sleek, agile appearance of Catboy.

Catboy wears a mask that covers the upper half of his face, with two large cat-eye openings for visibility. The mask is the same blue as his suit with darker blue accents around the eyes. You can either find a pre-made mask or create one using blue fabric or felt, cut to fit the face and secured with an elastic band.

The footwear for a Catboy costume should be simple and practical. Blue sneakers or shoes that match the color of the suit are ideal. For a more authentic look, the shoes can have darker blue accents to mimic the pattern of the suit.

Besides the suit and mask, no additional accessories are typically required for the Catboy costume. However, for a more playful and interactive experience, consider adding a toy version of the Cat-Car or a plushie of an owl or gecko, representing his teammates Owlette and Gekko.

Adding Catboy's signature phrases or actions can make the costume more engaging. Some ideas include: "Super Cat Speed!" – mimicking his super-speed ability. ,"It's time to be a hero!" – a common phrase before the team heads into action, "Super Cat Jump!" – pretending to leap great distances and "I'm not just a cat, I'm a cat with superpowers!" Emulating his cat-like agility and reflexes in playful movements. These phrases and actions encapsulate Catboy's energetic and heroic nature, making the costume experience more immersive and fun for kids.

About Catboy

Catboy, also known as Connor, is more recently voiced by Roman Lutterotti in the Disney Junior TV show PJ Masks. The show follows three six year olds who become superheroes at night time. Each night they manage to stop a bad guy, who is normally another six year old that they know. They are each based off a different animal and have to work together to solve personal and heroic problems. 

Catboy is seen as the leader as he is a little older than Owlette and Gekko. Although, because they are only six, sometimes their immaturity can get the better of them. Catboy’s powers are based on a cat, giving him agile and speed-like abilities. His personality is also similar to a cats in some sense as he really hates water and getting wet. Regardless of them arguing from time to time, he always makes sure to keep his friend’s safety as a top priority. 


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