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Casual Elsa Costume Guide
"Just Let It Go" Shirt
Elsa Wig
Sequin Sparkle Leggings
Strawberry Milkshake Prop
Black Toms Sneakers

Best Casual Elsa Costume Guide

Casual Elsa refers to the version of Frozen’s Elsa who appears in the film Ralph Breaks The Internet. Elsa from Frozen needs no introduction to Disney fans. The beautiful princess and heiress to the throne of the fictional land of Arendelle has the power to control and create ice, sometimes with devastating effect. She needs to hide this from the people of Arendelle, and even wears gloves to stop her powers from manifesting through her hands.

This vulnerable, often misunderstood character is given a lighter, more casual lease on life in the 2018 film Ralph Breaks The Internet, appearing alongside all of the other Disney princesses. If you want to transform into Wreck-It Ralph’s casual version of Queen Elsa from Frozen you’ll need a “Just Let It Go” Shirt, Elsa Wig, Sequin Sparkle Leggings, Strawberry Milkshake Prop, Black Tom’s Sneaker

Casual Elsa Cosplay Costumes

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 is bound to be a huge hit, and will also bring with it a huge range of costume opportunities. If you have an event to attend and you want to gather a group of friends together to dress as characters from the film, you have a variety to choose from. Elsa herself is hugely popular amongst cosplayers, thanks to the success of the film Frozen, but in Ralph Breaks The Internet she will appear alongside her sister Anna, all of the Disney Princesses, and Moana.

You can have friends dress as Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Pocahontas, Casual Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Snow White, or Moana. Not to mention all your favorites from Wreck-It Ralph such as Ralph, Vanellope Von Schweetz, or Fix-It Felix Jr! Don’t forget to upload photos if you decide to attend your next event as Casual Elsa!

About Casual Elsa

Elsa is a fictional character from the hit movie Frozen, introduced to us as a young girl with magical abilities to control ice and snow. After accidentally harming her sister Anna, her parents try to cure her but instead she is forced to wear gloves to stop her powers being unleashed through her hands. As she grows, she learns to keep her powers hidden from the people of Arendelle, the land she will one day rule as Queen.

When it comes time for her to take the throne of Arendelle, her sister shocks her by asking for approval to marry a man she had only met that day. Elsa disapproves, causing an argument between the two sisters, during which Elsa accidentally releases her powers and sends Arendelle into an eternal winter. Elsa flees from the castle, retreating to the mountains where she builds her own castle of ice and snow, believing she can be safe there, and also keep others safe from her powers.

Casual Elsa

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