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Cinderella "G2G" Long Sleeve Shirt
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Casual Cinderella refers to the dressed-down version of Cinderella who makes a cameo in the 2018 Disney film Ralph Breaks The Internet. We all know the story of Cinderella escaping the clutches of her evil step-mother and step-sisters for one night of fun where she unexpectedly meets her very own Prince Charming in the classic fairy-tale, but we’ve never seen her lounging around with the other Disney princesses in their casual clothes before. Until now!

This fairy-tale classic and much-loved Disney princess appears in the 2018 film Ralph Breaks The Internet, with all of her famous Disney counterparts in casual clothes as they relax in ‘The Princess Room’. If you want to become Wreck-It Ralph’s casual version of Cinderella you’ll need a Cinderella “G2G” Long Sleeve Shirt, Blonde Wig, Light Blue Yoga Pants, Light Blue Hair Bow Clip and Brown Ballerina Flats.

Casual Cinderella Cosplay Costumes

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 is bound to be a huge hit, and will also bring with it a huge range of costume opportunities. If you have an event to attend and you want to gather a group of friends together to dress as characters from the film, you have a variety to choose from. Cinderella is already one of history’s most well-known and loved characters, but in Ralph Breaks The Internet she will appear alongside Elsa and Anna from Frozen, all of the other Disney Princesses, and Moana in a way that you’ve never seen her before.

You can have friends dress as Casual Princess Anna, Casual Elsa, Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Pocahontas, Casual Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Snow White, or Moana. Not to mention all your favorites from Wreck-It Ralph such as Ralph, Vanellope Von Schweetz, or Fix-It Felix Jr! Don’t forget to upload photos if you decide to attend your next event as Casual Cinderella!

Casual Cinderella Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the fun and modern world of “Ralph Breaks The Internet” with our casual Cinderella costume guide FAQ. This contemporary twist on the classic Disney princess showcases Cinderella in a relaxed, yet distinctly stylish outfit, reflecting the playful and humorous tone of the movie. This guide will help you recreate her casual look, perfect for fans who love this modern take on the beloved character.

Casual Cinderella's outfit in "Ralph Breaks The Internet" is a fun and laid-back interpretation of her traditional attire. She wears a light blue, long-sleeved shirt with shoulder cut-outs. The shirt features her iconic glass slipper design on the front. This is paired with comfortable blue jeans, rolled up at the ankles. To complete the look, she wears a pair of sneakers, a deviation from her classic glass slippers, adding to the modern casual theme.

Cinderella's hair remains in her classic blonde updo, but it looks more relaxed and less formal than her traditional ballroom hairstyle. You can achieve this by styling your hair (or a blonde wig) into a loose bun or twist, with a few strands casually framing the face. The hairstyle should be elegant yet effortless, fitting her more laid-back appearance.

In this modern rendition, Cinderella swaps her iconic glass slippers for a pair of casual sneakers. Opt for a pair of simple, comfortable sneakers that complement the casual look. White or light-colored sneakers would be a suitable choice, keeping in line with the relaxed and contemporary vibe of her outfit.

While casual Cinderella's outfit is quite simple, you can accessorize with a pair of stud earrings or a simple bracelet to add a touch of elegance. Additionally, carrying a prop mouse or bird, as a nod to her animal friends from the classic Cinderella story, can be a playful and thematic accessory.

To embody casual Cinderella from "Ralph Breaks The Internet," adopt a relaxed and cheerful demeanor. You can mimic her interacting with her fellow Disney princesses in a friendly and casual way, or posing with a mock 'selfie' gesture to reflect the modern and digital context of the movie. Emphasizing her down-to-earth and approachable nature will enhance your portrayal of this contemporary version of Cinderella.

About Casual Cinderella

Cinderella is a well-known fairy-tale character whose story has been told to millions of kids all over the world across many decades. Chances are, your parents read the story to you, and you’ll read it to your children one day if you haven’t already. Cinderella lives with her nasty step-mother and horrible step-sisters who treat her like a slave, always making her do the chores while they enjoy their lavish lifestyle.

Longing for one night of freedom, Cinderella has her wish granted when her Fairy Godmother arranges for her to attend the ball in a beautiful gown. While there, she meets Prince Charming and falls in love, however at the stroke of midnight she is whisked away, leaving one of her glass slippers behind. Prince Charming searches high and low for the slipper’s owner until he finally finds Cinderella and they live happily ever-after, much to Cinderella’s step-sisters’ disgust.

Casual Cinderella

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