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Best Castiel Costume Guide

Take on the Supernatural world as the Angel, Castiel. An Angel of the Lord, Castiel brings Dean Winchester back from Hell and frequently helps him and his brother Sam in their battles with various demons and angels along the way. During his travels with the Winchesters, Castiel develops friendships with both men. Gear up your Beige Trench Jacket, Van Heusen Men’s Regular-Fit Poplin Dress Shirt, Mens 3 Button Single Breasted Black Blazer,  Dickies Men’s Flat-Front Pant, Solid Tie, and Men’s Leather Lined Dress Shoes. You do not want to take on the Supernatural without your Sword.

Castiel Cosplay Costumes

If you’re a fan of the popular television show, Supernatural, it’s pretty likely that you’ll know who Castiel is an even more likely that you’ll want to cosplay as him. Grab a few friends to dress up as Sam and Dean as well and you’ll have an awesome group cosplay to show off!

Castiel happens to be the fallen angel that helps saves Dean from purgatory and joins the brothers on their adventures. He’s quite the beloved character in the fandom.

To get Castiel’s look, you’ll need a 3 button black blazer, a beige trench coat that looks just like his signature item, a sword that looks similar to the one in the show, a white dress shirt, a black solid tie, black dress pants and black dress shoes. If you need any inspiration, check out the featured photos on our site and don’t forget to send some of what you come up with your Castiel costume!

Castiel Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the celestial and enigmatic presence of Castiel from “Supernatural” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Renowned for his distinct style and profound character, this guide assists fans in recreating Castiel’s iconic look. Perfect for cosplay events, Halloween, or any occasion where you want to channel the beloved angel’s essence, our tips cover everything you need to know to step into his shoes.

Castiel's outfit is iconic yet simple, reflecting his angelic yet down-to-earth persona. The essentials include a navy blue trench coat, a suit in muted colors (like dark grey or black), a white dress shirt, a slim blue tie, and black dress shoes. His attire is modest and functional, mirroring his no-nonsense approach to dealing with supernatural events.

The key to Castiel's look is his signature navy blue trench coat, which is long and has a distinctive, slightly worn appearance. When searching for a coat, look for one that is knee-length or longer, has a classic cut, and is navy blue. If it looks too new, you can artificially age it with a bit of sandpaper or fabric paint to give it a weathered look.

Castiel typically wears a plain, slim blue tie. The tie is not flashy; it should be a solid, dark blue without patterns. It adds a touch of formality to his otherwise simple attire and is a crucial element to achieving an authentic Castiel look.

Castiel has a neat, short hairstyle and is clean-shaven. His hair is styled simply, usually just brushed forward with a bit of volume. For facial hair, aim for a clean-shaven look or very minimal stubble to stay true to his character.

Castiel, known for his unique perspective and sometimes profound statements, has several memorable quotes such as: "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.," "I'm not an angel anymore. I'm your new God.," "We're making it up as we go.," "Hello, Dean." and "I don't understand that reference." These quotes are iconic and instantly recognizable to fans of "Supernatural." Using them in your cosplay can add an authentic touch and help you connect with other enthusiasts of the show, bringing Castiel's character to life in your portrayal.

About Castiel

At first glance, Castiel may just seem very naive and innocent and while those are traits that really shine with his character, there’s more reason to why he seems the way he does. He’s a fallen angel and he can never really grasp human emotions so irony and the like tend to be quite lost on him. He’s very protective of humans and of Dean Winchester especially.

Castiel helped save Dean from Purgatory and he’s stayed faithfully by his side almost all the time. If there comes a time where he’s not in the immediate vicinity, Dean can basically call for him and he’s almost always there for him.

As he’s a fallen angel, he exists inside his vessel known as Jimmy Novak which is the person that represents his outwards appearance. Castiel dream is to be able to give everyone free will and restore peace to heaven and earth.


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