How to Dress Like Casey Neistat

Male Pop Culture
Men's Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
Black Sunglasses
Utility Blades
Electric Skateboard
Slim-Fit Straight-Leg Jean
Canon EOS 70D
Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoe
Mavic Pro Combo

Best Casey Neistat Costume Guide

Casey Neistat is an adventurous man, and you can watch every bit of his life on YouTube. He is crazy talented in film-making and he loves going on adventures, but he is also a regular person like you and me. Other than all of his technology and film-making skills, he has a normal life, family, and style. Neistat has over 6 million people subscribed to his YouTube account, but he doesn’t aim for fancy to impress anyone.

Casey’s outfit consists of a men’s heavy cotton t-shirt, slim-fit straight leg jeans, Vans unisex Old Skool Skate shoes, large black sunglasses, a skateboard, and some expensive technology that makes his videos so impressive. YouTubers are known for carrying around their camera to vlog (video blog) their lives, so this is definitely a necessity in Neistat’s life—although he would probably tell you he couldn’t live without his skateboard either.

Casey Neistat Cosplay Costumes

Casey Neistat is a popular name in the internet world. He has an extremely popular YouTube channel, an HBO series called “Neistat Brothers,” he created a social media phone app, and he has made hundreds of films without any school experience. He is an internet entrepreneur. It’s quite impressive that Neistat has over 6 million people subscribed to his channel, and he is nothing other than a hard working normal person. That’s why his outfit is a simple recreation for cosplay—it’s nothing more than regular clothes and some technology pieces!

To recreate Neistat’s style, start with a men’s cotton t-shirt, slim-fit straight leg jeans, Van’s Old Skool Skate shoes, black sunglasses, utility blades, and an electric skateboard. Neistat is also normally seen with his technology: a Canon EOS 70D on a GorilllaPod and a Mavic Pro Combo. Those pieces aren’t necessary, but you can definitely find much cheaper alternatives if you feel like you need them!

Casey Neistat Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the world of YouTube and urban adventure with our Casey Neistat costume guide FAQ. Casey Neistat, a renowned YouTuber known for his unique style and creative vlogging, has become an iconic figure in digital media. This guide is designed to help fans replicate his distinctive look, perfect for content creators, YouTubers in the making, or anyone looking to capture the essence of Neistat’s effortlessly cool style.

Casey Neistat's style is casual yet identifiable. He is often seen wearing slim-fit jeans or cargo pants paired with a simple t-shirt, often plain or with a minimalistic logo. Layering with a lightweight jacket or hoodie is common in his attire. A key element of his look is a pair of signature sunglasses with white frames, which are almost synonymous with his brand.

Casey Neistat sports a distinctive haircut with short sides and a slightly longer, messy top. His hair is naturally wavy, giving it a tousled appearance. To replicate his hairstyle, aim for a casual, slightly unkempt look, using a bit of hair product for texture.

Essential accessories to capture Casey Neistat's look include his iconic white-framed sunglasses, a crucial element of his personal style. He is also known for his technological gear, so carrying a camera, preferably a handheld video camera or a DSLR, would significantly enhance the authenticity of the costume.

To further enhance your Casey Neistat costume, consider including a skateboard or an electric skateboard, as he is known for navigating the city streets on them. Additionally, wearing a backpack or a messenger bag can add to the urban, on-the-go videographer look that Casey embodies.

Casey Neistat is known for his motivational and candid dialogue in his vlogs. Some of his memorable quotes include: "Do what you can't.," "Work harder.," "The most dangerous thing you can do in life is play it safe.," "Free time is the enemy of progress." and "Story is king. Everything else is a slave to the story." These quotes capture the essence of Casey's philosophy towards life, creativity, and work ethic, making your portrayal more authentic and true to his character.

About Casey Neistat

YouTubers are taking over the world, and one of the most popular of the millions of YouTubers is Casey Neistat. Neistat started making YouTube videos because he was a teenage dad and washing dishing in a restaurant wasn’t how he wanted to live out his life. Casey began making videos with one of his friends and he quickly realized his passion for film-making. Neistat created a video called “iPod’s Dirty Secret,” revealing a surprising and disappointing fact about the new Apple product.

Casey Neistat now has over 6 million followers on YouTube. He also was part of an HBO series with his brother called “Neistat Brothers” which was a biography of the two boys, and they were followed around on some of their adventures. YouTubers are the new reality stars and many of them like Neistat are participating because it is their passion—filmmaking is fun and takes a talented person to succeed.

Casey Neistat

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